Linearization Models for Complex Dynamical Systems

Topics in Univalent Functions, Functional Equations and Semigroup Theory Mark Elin

  • David Shoikhet
  • Mark Elin

Part of the Operator Theory: Advances and Applications book series (OT, volume 208)

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    Pages 221-246
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About this book


This book provides valuable insights into complex analysis, dynamical systems, geometric function theory and operator theory. Intended for a broad spectrum of readers, ranging from undergraduate and graduate mathematics students to active researchers, it offers extensive coverage of recent advances in geometric function theory, including the theory of starlike and spirallike functions with respect to a boundary point. Of particular interest is its treatment of continuous time semigroups, about which little has been previously known, emphasizing the use of generation theory for continuous dynamical systems. Such semigroups have important applications in such areas as composition operators, Markov stochastic processes, control theory and optimization. Readers will find in this book a systematic and detailed survey of linearization models for one-parameter continuous semigroups, functional equations, and the different classes of univalent functions which serve as intertwining mappings for these semigroups, along with their applications to various problems of complex dynamics.


Complex analysis Operator theory functional equation semigroup spriallike function starlike function univalent function

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