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Putting Responsible Research and Innovation into Practice

A Multi-Stakeholder Approach


  • Contains highly interconnected topics and contributions relating to responsible Research and Innovation (R&I)

  • The first book in the field of responsible R&I to predominantly use large collected empirical material

  • Focuses on a wider-than-usual audience and multi-stakeholder groups within responsible R&I

  • This book is open access, which means that you have free and unlimited access

Part of the book series: Library of Ethics and Applied Philosophy (LOET, volume 40)

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Table of contents (14 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-ix
  2. Introduction

    • Vincent Blok, Lucien von Schomberg
    Pages 1-7Open Access
  3. Responsible Research & Innovation as EU Policy

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 9-9
    2. The Drama of Responsible Research and Innovation: The Ups and Downs of a Policy Concept

      • Erich Griessler, Robert Braun, Magdalena Wicher, Merve Yorulmaz
      Pages 11-34Open Access
    3. The Institutionalisation of a New Paradigm at Policy Level

      • Stephanie Daimer, Hendrik Berghäuser, Ralf Lindner
      Pages 35-56Open Access
    4. Joining Forces – Staying Unique: Adapting RRI to Different Research and Innovation Funding Agency Contexts

      • Ulrich Schoisswohl, Ulrike Wunderle, Luboš Studený, Lieke Michiels van Kessenich, Pia Weinlinger
      Pages 101-119Open Access
  4. Public Engagement for Responsible Research & Innovation

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 121-121
    2. Public Engagement in the Tradition of Participatory Approaches – An Approximation

      • Philine Warnke, Tanja Bratan, Ulrike Wunderle
      Pages 123-146Open Access
    3. Social Labs in Public Engagement Processes for RRI

      • Ilse Marschalek, Lisa M. Seebacher, Elisabeth Unterfrauner, Katharina Handler, Margit Hofer
      Pages 147-169Open Access
    4. Engaging Stakeholders by Implementing RRI in the Social Lab Process – A Single Case Study

      • Elisabeth Frankus, Helmut Hönigmayer
      Pages 193-207Open Access
  5. Governance of Responsible Research & Innovation

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 209-209
    2. Implementing Responsible Research and Innovation: From New Public Management to New Public Governance

      • Anne Loeber, Michael J. Bernstein, Mika Nieminen
      Pages 211-228Open Access
    3. Stakeholders in Research and Innovation: Towards Responsible Governance

      • Robert Braun, Johannes Starkbaum
      Pages 229-247Open Access

About this book

This Open Access book builds on the experiences of one of the largest European projects in the domain of responsible Research and Innovation: NewHoRRIzon. It highlights the potential of and opportunity in responsible R&I to conduct innovation in a socially responsible way. Employing the methodology of Social Labs, the book analyses responsible R&I from an experience-based viewpoint and further explores the application of responsible R&I beyond scholarly and industrial interests. The contributors analyze the current European R&I landscape, provide reflection and reconceptualization of its core concepts, and project future challenges in relation to responsible R&I. The book complements the readers' line of work by providing insights on how responsible R&I can be applied by the audience, for example, in their decision-making processes. 


  • Open Access
  • Responsible Research and Innovation
  • Ethics of Innovation
  • Research & Innovation Policy
  • Citizen Science
  • European Research and Innovation Landscape
  • philosophy of innovation
  • RRI as a political process
  • responsible innovation in non-European countries

Editors and Affiliations

  • Philosophy Group (PHI), Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands

    Vincent Blok

About the editor

Vincent Blok is associate professor in Philosophy of Technology and Responsible Innovation at the Philosophy Group, Wageningen University (The Netherlands). He is also director of the 4TU.Ethics Graduate School in the Netherlands. Together with seven PhD candidates and four Post-docs, he reflects on the meaning of disruptive technologies for the human condition and its environment from a continental philosophical perspective. He is also involved in several European and Nationally funded projects in the area of ethics of (digital) technologies and responsible innovation. Blok published over hundred articles in high ranked philosophy journals like Environmental Values, Business Ethics Quarterly, Synthese and Philosophy & Technology, and in multi-disciplinary journals like Science, Journal of Responsible Innovation, Public understanding of Science and Journal of Cleaner Production. See for more information about his current research.

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Softcover Book USD 49.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)
Hardcover Book USD 59.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)