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Economic Recovery After COVID-19

3rd International Conference on Economics and Social Sciences, ICESS 2020, Bucharest, Romania

  • Helps find innovative solutions for economies to thrive post-COVID19

  • Features trending topics like digital economy, fiscality, behavioural economics, and sustainability

  • Evaluates the technical and informational capabilities of organizations and institutions in select sectors

Part of the book series: Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics (SPBE)

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Table of contents (15 papers)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-viii
  2. Challenges in the Romanian Healthcare System in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

    • Anghel Ion, Drăgoi Mihaela Cristina, Anica-Popa Adrian, Ștefan Simona Cătălina, Ciocodeică David-Florin
    Pages 1-16
  3. The Impact of COVID-19 Crisis on the Romanian Agricultural Sector

    • Istudor Nicolae, Popescu Gabriel, Begalli Diego, Ignat Raluca, Petrescu Irina-Elena, Petre Ionuț-Laurențiu
    Pages 17-35
  4. The Challenges of the Higher Education Sector. The Impact of COVID-19 Crisis on the Educational Process—Case of Romania

    • Dima Mihaela Alina, Fonseca Luis Miguel, Nastase Marian, Busu Mihail, Vargas Madalina Vanesa
    Pages 37-58
  5. Public Administration and Regional Development

    • Profiroiu Constantin Marius, Constantin Daniela Luminița, Goschin Zizi, Iorga Tudose Elena, Nastacă Corina-Cristiana
    Pages 59-86
  6. Restart the Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Industry in Romania After the COVID-19 Pandemic

    • Tigu Gabriela, Ciora Costin, Petcu Monica Aureliana, Boboc Dan, Crismariu Oana Diana, Curteanu Adrian Bogdan
    Pages 87-107
  7. Romania’s International Trade in Goods After the COVID-19 Crisis: Where to? An Empirical Investigation Based on Granger Causality Analysis

    • Paraschiv Dorel Mihai, Davidescu Adriana AnaMaria, Popovici Oana Cristina, Gerard Cazabat
    Pages 109-124
  8. Impact of COVID-19 Crisis on Banking Sector in Romania

    • Dumitru Ionut, Dumitrescu Bogdan-Andrei, Cepoi Cosmin Octavian, Pop Ionut Daniel, Barnea Dinu, Kubinschi Matei-Nicolae et al.
    Pages 125-155
  9. The Impact of COVID-19 on the Building Industry and on Real Estate Transactions in Romania

    • Anghel Ion, Simion Cezar-Petre, Ciora Costin, Ionașcu Elena, Dumitru Ovidiu
    Pages 157-174
  10. The Evolution of Romania’s International Trade in Services During the COVID-19 Crisis

    • Paraschiv Dorel Mihai, Popovici Oana Cristina, Davidescu Adriana AnaMaria, Manea Daniela, Gerard Cazabat, Birol Ibadula
    Pages 175-188
  11. The Impact of COVID-19 Crisis on Fiscal Environment in Romania

    • Sobolevschi David Maria Iulia, Petcu Monica Aureliana, Țâțu Lucian, Cataramă Delia, Ciobanu Radu, Jinga Gabriel et al.
    Pages 189-206
  12. Macroeconomic Policies, Economic Revitalization

    • Huru Dragoṣ, Roman Mihai Daniel, Manafi Ioana, Paraschiv Anca Maria, Ṣtefan George
    Pages 207-234
  13. Assessment of the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Romanian Transportation and Storage Sector

    • Hurduzeu Gheorghe, Lupu Radu, Cioc Mihai, Ciora Costin
    Pages 235-250
  14. The Impact of COVID-19 on the Wholesale and Retail Trade—Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles Sector in Romania

    • Anghel Ion, Davidescu Adriana Ana Maria, Mosora Mihaela Hrisanta, Curea Stefania Cristina, Achim Luminita Georgiana
    Pages 251-270
  15. Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Water Distribution, Sanitation, Waste Management, Decontamination Activities Sector

    • Florescu Margareta Stela, Cretu Raluca Floretina, Trica Carmen Lenuta
    Pages 271-298
  16. The Impact of the Early Stages of COVID Pandemic Lockdown on Romania’s Consumers’ Behavior

    • Mosora Mihaela Hrisanta, Orzan Mihai Cristian, Vălimărean Ileana, Caescu Stefan Claudiu
    Pages 299-319

About this book

These proceedings constitute a selection of best papers from the 3rd International Conference on Economics and Social Sciences, Innovative Models to Revive the Global Economy, ICESS 2020, held in Bucharest, Romania, in October 2020.

This book is a collection of research findings and perspectives related to recent economic challenges determined by the global crisis due to COVID 19, led by the set of improvements and changes in the economic, societal, and technological structures and processes towards the effort of reaching the sustainability goals.  During a crisis, countries, and businesses must respond promptly to ensure survival. They need to rethink social contracts, redefine work and consumption, mobilize resources at speed and scale, and at the same time rethink patterns from global to local. The innovative models presented in this book aim to ensure simultaneous economic development, social development, and environmental protection, to achieve a higher quality of life for all people, and protect all living beings and the planet.


  • Innovative Models
  • Global Economy
  • Economic Development
  • Social Sciences
  • COVID 19 pandemic
  • Global Crises

Editors and Affiliations

  • Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania

    Alina Mihaela Dima, Ion Anghel, Razvan Catalin Dobrea

About the editors

Alina Mihaela Dima is a full Professor at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (Romania), Faculty of Business Administration. Since March 2020, she is Vice-Rector for Scientific Research, Development and Innovation and former Director of the UNESCO Department for Business Administration. She is one of the founding members and the President of the association ‘Society for Business Excellence’, Chief-Editor of the journal 'Management & Marketing, Challenges for the Knowledge Society' (De Gruyter). 

Ion Anghel, FRICS, MAA is full Professor at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (Romania), Faculty of Accounting and Management Information Systems, and former Director of the Financial Analysis and Valuation Department. He is a board member and former President of the ‘European Real Estate Society’, Chief-Editor of the Valuation Journal (National Association of Romanian Valuers) and member of the Editorial Advisory Board of 'Journal of European Real Estate Research' (Emerald).

Răzvan Cătălin Dobrea is the Vice-Rector - Economic and Financial management at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (Romania). He is a Professor in the field of Management at the University’s Management Faculty, specializing in the fields of investment management, financial management and project management. He graduated with two bachelor's programs in engineering and economics, a master's program in research, a doctorate in management and several postgraduate training programs. He has published several articles in internationally recognized scientific journals in the field of management. He is also a constant for public and private institutions on projects and organizational transformation, and coordinates a number of research projects, including those with European grants.

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