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The Global Novel and Capitalism in Crisis

Contemporary Literary Narratives


Part of the New Comparisons in World Literature book series (NCWL)

About this book


‘In The Global Novel and Capitalism in Crisis, De Loughry offers a tour-de-force

engagement with current efforts to think literary studies in global or indeed

world systemic terms. Always erudite and sharp, De Loughry is a new critical

voice to be reckoned with.’

—Dr Kerstin Oloff, Associate Professor at Durham University, UK

This book examines how contemporary global novels by Salman Rushdie, David Mitchell, Rana Dasgupta and Rachel Kushner have evolved new aesthetics to represent global economic and ecological crises. Paying close attention to the interrelations between postcolonial, world, and global literatures, this book argues that postcolonial literary studies cannot account for global crises that exceed the national and anti-colonial. Advocating an interdisciplinary framework informed by a synthesis of materialist literary theory with world-systems theory, combining Fredric Jameson and Georg Lukács with Giovanni Arrighi and Jason W. Moore, this book examines how global literatures metabolise not only socioeconomic conditions, but also transformations in the world-ecology, and emergent developmental and epochal crises of capitalism.


Ecology Economics Crisis Capitalism Salman Rushdie David Mitchell Haruki Murakami Rana Dasgupta Rachel Kushner Magical realism Literary fiction

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  1. 1.University College DublinDublinIreland

About the authors

Dr Treasa De Loughry is Lecturer/ Assistant Professor and Ad Astra Fellow in World Literature in the School of English, Drama and Film at University College Dublin, Ireland. 

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