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Food Science, Technology and Nutrition for Babies and Children

  • Tomy J. Gutiérrez

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. A. Logeshwaran, Pavidharshini Selvasekaran, Ramalingam Chidambaram
    Pages 3-34
  3. S. Kusumitha, Varad Aeron, Peerzada gh Jeelani, Ramalingam Chidambaram
    Pages 35-57
  4. Peerzada Jeelani, Anchit Ghai, Natasha Saikia, Mridul Kathed, Arundhati Mitra, Akshaya Krishnan et al.
    Pages 59-97
  5. Aarathi Rajesh, Nikita Sreenath, Srilekha Marmavula, Chandan Krishnamoorthy, Ramalingam Chidambaram
    Pages 99-117
  6. Rishika Batra, Cheryl Joseph, Chandan Krishnamoorthy, Ramalingam Chidambaram
    Pages 119-142
  7. Rakshanya Sekar, Pavidharshini Selvasekaran, Ankita Kar, Tejaswi Varalwar, Charis Godli, Ramalingam Chidambaram
    Pages 143-168
  8. Kevin Daniel Baskar, Aravind Baradwaaj Kanna, Sai Sundar Madasami Swaminathan, Ram Vignesh Srinivasan, Udhaya Nath Dhayanandhan, Chandan Krishnamoorthy et al.
    Pages 169-187
  9. Rhea Sarma, Chandan Krishnamoorthy, Ramalingam Chidambaram
    Pages 189-210
  10. Junilla K. Larsen, Desi Beckers, Levie T. Karssen, Jennifer O. Fisher
    Pages 211-233

About this book


Infants and children are regularly fed with processed foods, yet despite their importance in human development, these foods are rarely studied. This important book provides an exhaustive analysis of key technologies in the development of foods for babies and children, as well as the regulation and marketing of these food products. Contributors cover different aspects of food science and technology in development of baby foods, making this text an unique source of information on the  subject. 

Food Science, Technology, and Nutrition for Babies and Children includes relevant chapters on infant milk formulas, essential fatty acids in baby foods, baby food-based cereals and macro- and micronutrients. This book also offers alternatives from the point of view of food technology for babies and children with special diet regimes associated to metabolic or enzymatic diseases such as allergy to casein, phenylalanine (phenylketonuria or commonly known as PKU) and gluten (celiac disease), or lactose intolerance. This book also addresses some nutritional aspects of babies and children in terms of the childhood obesity, child’s appetite and parental feeding. With its comprehensive scope and up-to-date coverage of issues and trends in baby and children’s foods, this is an outstanding book for food scientists and technologists, food industry professionals, researchers and nutritionists working with babies and children.


Infant Milk Formulas Lactose Intolerance Phenylketonurics Essential Fatty Acids Child Diet

Editors and affiliations

  • Tomy J. Gutiérrez
    • 1
  1. 1.Thermoplastic Composite Materials (CoMP) Group, Faculty of EngineeringInstitute of Research in Materials Science and Technology (INTEMA), National University of Mar del Plata (UNMdP) and National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET)Mar del PlataArgentina

About the editors

Dr. Tomy J. Gutiérrez has a degree in chemistry (Geochemical option) from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) (December, 2007), a degree in education (Chemical mention) from the same university (UCV, July, 2008), has a specialization in International Negotiation of Hydrocarbons from the National Polytechnic Experimental University of the National Armed Force (UNEFA) - Venezuela (July, 2011), as well as has a Master’s and PhD degree in Food Science and Technology obtained in October, 2013 and April, 2015, respectively, both from the UCV. He has also PhD studies in Metallurgy and Materials Science from the UCV and postdoctoral studies at the Research Institute in Materials Science and Technology (INTEMA). Dr. Gutiérrez has been a professor - researcher at the UCV both at the Institute of Food Science and Technology (ICTA) and the School of Pharmacy from the same university. It is currently an adjunct researcher in the INTEMA - National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Argentina. Dr. Gutiérrez has at least 20 book chapters, 40 publications in international journals of high impact factor and 5 published books. He has been a lead guest editor of several international journals such as Journal of Food Quality, Advances in Polymer Technology and Current Pharmaceutical Design. He is also an editorial board member of different international journals such as Food and Bioprocess Technology (from April 2019 to the present, 2018 Impact Factor 3.032), Current Nutraceuticals (from May 2019 to the present, 2018 Impact Factor -) and Journal of Renewable Materials (from June 2019 to the present, 2018 Impact Factor 1.429). Dr. Gutiérrez today is developing a line of research in nanostructured materials based on polymers (composite materials), which are obtained on a pilot scale to be transferred to the agricultural, food, pharmaceutical and polymer industries. It is also a collaborator of international projects between Argentina and Brazil, Colombia, France, Iran, Poland, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Venezuela.

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