Hiding in Plain Sight

Deceptive Tactics and the Criminal Victimization Process

  • James F. Kenny

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This book examines the role of deceptive tactics in the criminal victimization process, showing how various forms of manipulative aggression can help disguise dangerous advances. The author approaches crime victimization as the final stage in a purposeful, predictable, dynamic, and progressively dangerous process involving interactions between the target and the aggressor.  As they prepare for the attack, aggressors may attempt to distract, confuse, and reduce target resistance. While these tactics provide aggressors certain advantages, they can be recognized, anticipated, and managed.  By presenting a framework to identify behaviors of concern early in the process, Kenny shows how preventative action can be taken. Proactive intervention may cause aggressors to withdraw before they are fully committed to and confident in their ability to be successful. Those who take steps to reduce vulnerabilities, limit risky behaviors, and avoid dangerous situations can help prevent themselves from being victimized.


Deception Deceptive Tactics Victimology Deviance Manipulation Violence Criminal Justice Delinquency Risk Reduction Aggression Criminal Opportunity Personal Vulnerability

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