Community-Based Health Interventions in an Institutional Context

  • Steven L. Arxer
  • John W. Murphy

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. John W. Murphy
    Pages 1-10
  3. John W. Murphy
    Pages 11-21
  4. Karen A. Callaghan
    Pages 23-38
  5. Jung Min Choi, John W. Murphy, Ramsey Dahab, Charlene Holkenbrink-Monk
    Pages 39-51
  6. Steven L. Arxer
    Pages 53-62
  7. Tashina J. Vavuris
    Pages 63-72
  8. Dawn Graham, Kerri Shaw, Lesli Johnson
    Pages 73-89
  9. Karie Jo Peralta, Krista McCarthy Noviski
    Pages 109-123
  10. Khary K. Rigg, Amanda Sharp, Kyaien O. Conner, Kathleen A. Moore
    Pages 125-138
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 185-190

About this book


Community-Based Health Interventions in an Institutional Context examines challenges of "institutionalizing" community-based health care. While the community-based or localized model is growing in popularity and importance in the United States, in practice it must often be brought in to larger institutions in order to grow to scale. The typical goals of an institution—standardization, formalization, and control—may be seen as antithetical to those of a community-based healthcare provider, such as spontaneity, customization, and flexibility. 

The contributions to this work raise questions about how the community-based model can be scaled up through institutions, and how "institutionalization" can be rethought from a bottom-up approach. They provide not only an overview of community-based organizations, but also delve into practical topics such as establishing budgets, training workers, incorporating technology, as well as more theoretical topics like goal-setting, policy effects (like the ACA), and relationships between patient and community.

This work will be of interest for researchers interested in exploring the community-based health care model, as well as practitioners in health care and health policy.


Affordable Care Act (ACA) community-based health care community-based work community well-being community-based work in institutions institutions community-based Organization community-based Partnerships community-based Health Workers community-based Curriculum health worker training technology and Community-based work research program community-Based Political Interven Hospitals and Community-based Planning Community-Based Health Care Institution Institutionalized Health Care health care hospitals and health providers public health

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