Ecosystem Services and Tropical Soils of India

  • D.K.┬áPal

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This book highlights ecosystem services of Indian tropical soils driven by soil properties. Soils are complex and important biomaterials and have an outstanding role in providing ecosystem services to mankind. The tropical soils have been traditionally and generally considered as either agriculturally poor or virtually useless by many.  This book will discuss the difficulties encountered in managing Indian tropical soils in order to sustain their productivity.  Some unique soil properties are yet to be linked explicitly to soil ecosystem services and soil care needs to be a constant research endeavour in the Indian tropical environment. This book highlights the new and unique soil knowledge base necessary to close the gap between food production and future population growth.


Tropical Indian soils Ecosystem services in tropical soils Pedology and edaphology Food grain production Organic carbon and inorganic carbon sequestration Soil degradation in India Crop planning

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  • D.K.┬áPal
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  1. 1.Division of Soil Resource StudiesICAR-NBSS&LUPNagpurIndia

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