Hydrogenosomes and Mitosomes: Mitochondria of Anaerobic Eukaryotes

  • Jan Tachezy

Part of the Microbiology Monographs book series (MICROMONO, volume 9)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Pavel Dolezal, Abhijith Makki, Sabrina D. Dyall
    Pages 31-84
  3. Marlene Benchimol, Wanderley de Souza
    Pages 85-110
  4. Johannes H. P. Hackstein, Rob M. de Graaf, Jaap J. van Hellemond, Aloysius G. M. Tielens
    Pages 111-126
  5. Ivan Hrdý, Jan Tachezy, Miklós Müller
    Pages 127-158
  6. Johannes H. P. Hackstein, Scott E. Baker, Jaap J. van Hellemond, Aloysius G. M. Tielens
    Pages 159-175
  7. Petr Rada, Jan Tachezy
    Pages 177-204
  8. Jan Tachezy, Ondřej Šmíd
    Pages 205-242
  9. Anastasios D. Tsaousis, Janet S. Keithly
    Pages 243-266
  10. Anastasios D. Tsaousis, Nigel Yarlett, Kevin S. W. Tan
    Pages 267-286
  11. Michelle M. Leger, Martin Kolísko, Courtney W. Stairs, Alastair G. B. Simpson
    Pages 287-308
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 319-326

About this book


"Hydrogenosomes and Mitosomes: Mitochondria of Anaerobic Eukaryotes, 2nd edition" provides a comprehensive summary of the current knowledge on these organelles, which occur in unicellular, often parasitic organisms, including human pathogens. It discusses the discovery of these widely distributed organelles, as well as their evolution and recent advances in the study of their structure and function. The book also describes their properties, such as protein import, structure, metabolism and adaptation, their proteome and their role in drug activation and resistance.

The book will appeal to researchers and students interested in biology and medicine, and to those who are mainly interested in basic science-cell biology, parasitology, microbiology, evolution etc., but also to those interested in organelles as potential targets for chemotherapy.


Hydrogenosome mitosome mitochondria evolution anaerobic protists

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  1. 1.Faculty of Science, Department of Parasitology BIOCEVCharles UniversityVestecCzech Republic

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