School Violence in International Contexts

Perspectives from Educational Leaders Without Borders

  • Rosemary Papa

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  2. ELWB Scholars International Perspectives

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    Pages 235-243

About this book


This international edited volume is a rare look at cultural, economic and political forces that contribute to school violence. In light of the devastating events in US schools and the violence towards students and schools world-wide, the war on knowledge development in non/secular education is increasing at an alarming rate. This book offers an international perspective on violence from both K-12 to tertiary levels, parents, administrators/teachers/support staff, and research scholars in a desire to understand the contextual issues surrounding violence and its impacts on the field of education. ELWB Scholars and practitioners hailing from six continents propose historical to futuristic perspectives linking violence towards education and its inhabitants, while framing future strategies to alter multinational fear mongering to the decline of knowledge generation for an informed citizenry.


Violence in schools in Palestine and Israel Violence in Nigerian schools Aggression in Greek primary and secondary schools Repression of teachers and students in rural Mexico Safety protocol in the prevention of school shootings Response trainings for high school campuses Perceptions of school violence prevention measures School district liability in the face of school shootings Research on gun safety and violence Second amendment rights and gun violence Talking to boys about gun violence, fear, and marginalization Arming teachers and principals in schools Communities, schools, and moral panic Gun related violence evidence outside of the USA Peer bullying and mental health School safety awareness and preparation

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