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Lithium-Ion Batteries

A Machine-Generated Summary of Current Research


  • The first machine-generated book in chemistry

  • Provides an overview of recent research

  • Includes summaries of 150 articles

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About this book

This is the first machine-generated scientific book in chemistry published by Springer Nature. Serving as an innovative prototype defining the current status of the technology, it also provides an overview about the latest trends of lithium-ion batteries research.

This book explores future ways of informing researchers and professionals. State-of-the-art computer algorithms were applied to: select relevant sources from Springer Nature publications, arrange these in a topical order, and provide succinct summaries of these articles. The result is a cross-corpora auto-summarization of current texts, organized by means of a similarity-based clustering routine in coherent chapters and sections.

This book summarizes more than 150 research articles published from 2016 to 2018 and provides an informative and concise overview of recent research into anode and cathode materials as well as further aspects such as separators, polymer electrolytes, thermal behavior and modelling.

With this prototype, Springer Nature has begun an innovative journey to explore the field of machine-generated content and to find answers to the manifold questions on this fascinating topic. Therefore it was intentionally decided not to manually polish or copy-edit any of the texts so as to highlight the current status and remaining boundaries of machine-generated content.

Our goal is to initiate a broad discussion, together with the research community and domain experts, about the future opportunities, challenges and limitations of this technology.


  • anode materials
  • cathode materials
  • polymer electrolytes
  • modeling of lithium-ion batteries
  • solid electrolyte interphases
  • gel polymer electrolytes

Authors and Affiliations

  • Heidelberg, Germany

    Beta Writer

About the author

Machine-generated by Beta Writer 0.7 software developed at Goethe University Frankfurt

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Buying options

Hardcover Book USD 79.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)