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Moral Reasoning at Work

Rethinking Ethics in Organizations


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Table of contents (14 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-viii
  2. Beyond Compliance

    • Øyvind Kvalnes
    Pages 1-10Open Access
  3. Moral Dilemmas

    • Øyvind Kvalnes
    Pages 11-19Open Access
  4. Duties and Outcomes

    • Øyvind Kvalnes
    Pages 21-29Open Access
  5. Moral Luck

    • Øyvind Kvalnes
    Pages 31-37Open Access
  6. Two Ethical Principles

    • Øyvind Kvalnes
    Pages 39-47Open Access
  7. The Navigation Wheel

    • Øyvind Kvalnes
    Pages 49-60Open Access
  8. From Responsible to Responsive

    • Øyvind Kvalnes
    Pages 61-67Open Access
  9. Automation and Ethics

    • Øyvind Kvalnes
    Pages 69-77Open Access
  10. Ethics in Social Media

    • Øyvind Kvalnes
    Pages 79-88Open Access
  11. Loophole Ethics

    • Øyvind Kvalnes
    Pages 89-97Open Access
  12. Conflict of Interest

    • Øyvind Kvalnes
    Pages 99-108Open Access
  13. Character and Circumstances

    • Øyvind Kvalnes
    Pages 109-116Open Access
  14. Moral Neutralization

    • Øyvind Kvalnes
    Pages 117-131Open Access
  15. The Invisible Gorilla

    • Øyvind Kvalnes
    Pages 133-141Open Access
  16. Back Matter

    Pages 143-145

About this book

This book is open access under a CC-BY license. Moral dilemmas are a pervasive feature of working life. Moral Reasoning at Work offers a fresh perspective on how to live with them using ethics and moral psychology research. It argues that decision-makers must go beyond compliance and traditional approaches to ethics to prepare for moral dilemmas.

The second edition has been updated with a range of examples from the author’s more recent research, to reflect  current issues affecting organizations in the digital age. With two new chapters on artificial intelligence and social media, this new edition provides an up-to-date overview of ethical challenges in organizations.


  • compliance
  • conflict
  • ethics
  • morality
  • organization
  • organizations
  • open access
  • digitization
  • social media
  • artificial intelligence
  • automation
  • digital technology
  • leadership

Authors and Affiliations

  • Department of Leadership and Organizational Development, BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway

    Øyvind Kvalnes

About the author

Øyvind Kvalnes is  Professor of Organizational Behaviour at BI Norwegian Business School, Norway. He has facilitated moral reasoning sessions in a range of organizations in the private and public sectors. Author of Fallibility at Work (Palgrave, 2017), Øyvind's main research interests are in ethics, moral psychology, leadership, and excellence in organizations.

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Buying options

Hardcover Book USD 31.00
Price excludes VAT (USA)