Advances in Internet, Data and Web Technologies

The 7th International Conference on Emerging Internet, Data and Web Technologies (EIDWT-2019)

  • Leonard Barolli
  • Fatos Xhafa
  • Zahoor Ali Khan
  • Hamad Odhabi
Conference proceedings EIDWT 2019

Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 29)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxv
  2. Kevin Bylykbashi, Yi Liu, Keita Matsuo, Makoto Ikeda, Leonard Barolli, Makoto Takizawa
    Pages 1-12
  3. Kosuke Ozera, Kevin Bylykbashi, Yi Liu, Makoto Ikeda, Leonard Barolli, Makoto Takizawa
    Pages 13-24
  4. Donald Elmazi, Miralda Cuka, Makoto Ikeda, Leonard Barolli, Makoto Takizawa
    Pages 25-38
  5. Miralda Cuka, Donald Elmazi, Keita Matsuo, Makoto Ikeda, Leonard Barolli, Makoto Takizawa
    Pages 39-52
  6. Shohei Hayashi, Shigenari Nakamura, Dilawaer Duolikun, Tomoya Enokido, Makoto Takizawa
    Pages 80-91
  7. Ryusei Chida, Yinzhe Guo, Ryuji Oma, Shigenari Nakamura, Dilawaer Duolikun, Tomoya Enokido et al.
    Pages 92-102
  8. Wei Shi, Chenguang Ma, Srishti Kulshrestha, Ranjan Bose, Yoshihiro Okada
    Pages 103-113
  9. Marek R. Ogiela, Lidia Ogiela
    Pages 114-119
  10. Urszula Ogiela, Makoto Takizawa, Lidia Ogiela
    Pages 120-127
  11. Da Xiao, Shouying Bai, Qian Wu, Baojiang Cui
    Pages 128-136
  12. Yoshihiro Okada, Akira Haga, Shi Wei, Chenguang Ma, Srishti Kulshrestha, Ranjan Bose
    Pages 148-160
  13. Flora Amato, Giovanni Cozzolino, Francesco Moscato
    Pages 161-169
  14. Flora Amato, Giovanni Cozzolino, Marco Giacalone, Francesco Moscato, Francesco Romeo, Fatos Xhafa
    Pages 170-179
  15. Yasir Javed, Zahoor Khan, Sayed Asif
    Pages 180-186
  16. Mohammed Arif Amin, Samah Hadouej, Tasneem S. J. Darwish
    Pages 187-199
  17. Ola Abu Elberak, Loai Alnemer, Majdi Sawalha, Jamal Alsakran
    Pages 200-209
  18. Loai Alnemer, Bayan Alammouri, Jamal Alsakran, Omar El Ariss
    Pages 210-220
  19. Aroosa Tahir, Zahoor Ali Khan, Nadeem Javaid, Zeeshan Hussain, Aimen Rasool, Syeda Aimal
    Pages 221-233
  20. Vladi Kolici, Yi Liu, Keita Matsuo, Leonard Barolli
    Pages 234-246
  21. Ammara Nayab, Tehreem Ashfaq, Syeda Aimal, Aimen Rasool, Nadeem Javaid, Zahoor Ali Khan
    Pages 247-258
  22. Tanzeela Sultana, Zahoor Ali Khan, Nadeem Javaid, Syeda Aimal, Aisha Fatima, Shaista Shabbir
    Pages 259-270
  23. Fahad Ahmed, Maheen Zahid, Nadeem Javaid, Abdul Basit Majeed Khan, Zahoor Ali Khan, Zain Murtaza
    Pages 271-283
  24. Lina Nachabe, Bachar El Hassan, Jean Taleb
    Pages 284-294
  25. Benson Raj, L. Jani Anbarasi, Modigari Narendra, V. J. Subashini
    Pages 322-332
  26. Alessandra Amato, Giovanni Cozzolino
    Pages 344-354
  27. Aishwarya Afzulpurkar, Mouza Alshemaili, Khalid Samara
    Pages 355-362
  28. Ossama Embarak, Maryam Khaleifah, Alya Ali
    Pages 374-382
  29. Ossama Embarak, Zahoor Khan, Binod Gurung
    Pages 383-390
  30. Israr Ahmed, Munir Naveed, Mohammed Adnan
    Pages 391-400
  31. Ossama Embarak, Kholoud Saeed, Manal Ali
    Pages 401-410
  32. Monther Tarawneh, Ossama Embarak
    Pages 447-454
  33. Kefaya Qaddoum, Israr Ahmad, Yasir Javed, Ali Rodan
    Pages 465-471
  34. Krit Khwanngern, Vivatchai Kaveeta, Suriya Sitthikham, Watcharaporn Sitthikamtiub, Sineenuch Changkai, Tanyakorn Namwong
    Pages 482-491
  35. Maher Salem, Moayyad Mohammed, Ali Rodan
    Pages 504-515
  36. Abdul Mateen, Nadeem Javaid, Muhammad Bilal, Muhammad Arslan Farooq, Zahoor Ali Khan, Fareena Riaz
    Pages 516-527
  37. Muhammad Awais, Zahoor Ali Khan, Nadeem Javaid, Abdul Mateen, Aymen Rasul, Farooq Hassan
    Pages 528-539

About these proceedings


This book presents original contributions on the theories and practices of emerging Internet, Data and Web technologies and their applications in businesses, engineering and academia. As a key feature, it addresses advances in the life-cycle exploitation of data generated by digital ecosystem technologies.

The Internet has become the most proliferative platform for emerging large-scale computing paradigms. Among these, Data and Web technologies are two of the most prominent paradigms, manifesting in a variety of forms such as Data Centers, Cloud Computing, Mobile Cloud, Mobile Web Services, and so on. These technologies altogether create a digital ecosystem whose cornerstone is the data cycle, from capturing to processing, analysis and visualization. The need to investigate various research and development issues in this digital ecosystem has been made even more pressing by the ever-increasing demands of real-life applications, which are based on storing and processing large amounts of data.

Given its scope, the book offers a valuable asset for all researchers, software developers, practitioners and students interested in the field of Data and Web technologies.



Big Data and Cloud Computing Data Centers and IT Virtualization Technologies Databases and Data Warehouses Data Management and Information Retrieval Data Sensing Integration and Querying Systems and Interfaces Data Security, Trust and Reputation Data Visualization and Representation Tools Engineering of Data Sets Repositories and Digital Infrastructures

Editors and affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Faculty of Information EngineeringFukuoka Institute of TechnologyFukuokaJapan
  2. 2.Technical University of CataloniaBarcelonaSpain
  3. 3.Computer Information Science (CIS)Higher Colleges of Technology, Fujairah CampusFujairahUnited Arab Emirates
  4. 4.Faculty of Computer Information ScienceHigher Colleges of Technology, Dubai CampusDubaiUnited Arab Emirates

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