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  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-VI
  2. Ivica Vilibić, Kristian Horvath, Jose Luis Palau
    Pages 1-5
  3. Anna A. Shestakova, Konstantin B. Moiseenko, Pavel A. Toropov
    Pages 21-37
  4. Tanja Renko, Sarah Ivušić, Maja Telišman Prtenjak, Vinko Šoljan, Igor Horvat
    Pages 39-58
  5. Mathieu Dutour Sikirić, Damir Ivanković, Aron Roland, Stjepan Ivatek-Šahdan, Martina Tudor
    Pages 81-95
  6. Kristian Horvath, Jadranka Šepić, Maja TelišMan Prtenjak
    Pages 97-117
  7. S. Mathbout, J. A. Lopez-Bustins, D. Royé, J. Martin-Vide, J. Bech, F. S. Rodrigo
    Pages 155-170
  8. Victor Pellet, Filipe Aires, Annarita Mariotti, Diego Fernández-Prieto
    Pages 189-217
  9. Gemma Simó, Daniel Martínez-Villagrasa, Maria A. Jiménez, Vicente Caselles, Joan Cuxart
    Pages 219-233
  10. José I. Barredo, Achille Mauri, Giovanni Caudullo, Alessandro Dosio
    Pages 235-251
  11. M. I. Vigo, M. D. Sempere, B. F. Chao, M. Trottini
    Pages 269-285
  12. Francisco Pastor, Jose Antonio Valiente, José Luis Palau
    Pages 297-309
  13. Branka Grbec, Frano Matić, Gordana Beg Paklar, Mira Morović, Ružica Popović, Ivica Vilibić
    Pages 311-326
  14. Paola de Ruggiero, Davide Zanchettin, Manuel Bensi, Dagmar Hainbucher, Barbara Stenni, Stefano Pierini et al.
    Pages 327-344
  15. Hrvoje Mihanović, Ivica Janeković, Ivica Vilibić, Vedrana Kovačević, Manuel Bensi
    Pages 345-361
  16. Eleonora Cusinato, Davide Zanchettin, Gianmaria Sannino, Angelo Rubino
    Pages 363-390

About this book


The Mediterranean Sea, as a “centre” of the ancient world, has been early recognized as a laboratory basin for a variety of atmospheric, ocean and climate studies. Its uniqueness is manifested in its geographical position, a mid-latitude region connecting three continents, orography that affects cyclogenesis, precipitation and winds, ocean bathymetry that is shaped by narrow and shallow straits, passages and sills, and other. Its both atmospheric and oceanic climate is distinctive and, while differing substantially from neighbouring continents and oceans, it strongly interferes and shapes their properties. One of such adjacent basins is the Black Sea, which is, albeit minor in quantity, providing a noteworthy impact to the Mediterranean and vice versa. This topical volume of Pure and Applied Geophysics is presenting recent investigations of atmospheric and ocean properties, processes and climate of both basins, being inspired by presentations given in the Joint Congress of the 6th International Conference on Meteorology and Climatology of the Mediterranean & Challenges in Meteorology 5, held in Zagreb, Croatia, on 20-22 February 2017. The volume comprises 22 papers that are classified in three research categories: (1) storms, extremes and mesoscale processes, (2) atmospheric climate, variability and climate change, and (3) ocean climate and variability. The papers investigate processes occurring over a variety of spatial and temporal scales, from hemispheric processes that drive the observed changes in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, through phenomena that are influencing the whole basin or its sub-basins, to local and mesoscale extreme events that are affecting large cities and local populations in the region. The volume is of interest to atmospheric and oceanic researchers involved in a variety of processes that are occurring over the Mediterranean and Black Sea region. This particularly refers to young researchers and PhD students that are yet to enter to research of this unique and exciting region full of challenges that need an interdisciplinary, innovative and state-of-the-art approaches in solving actual research problems.


mediterranean sea black sea atmosphere ocean observations numerical modelling climate climate change variability storms extremes mesoscale processes basin-wide processes

Editors and affiliations

  • Ivica Vilibić
    • 1
  • Kristian Horvath
    • 2
  • José Luis Palau
    • 3
  1. 1.Institute of Oceanography and FisheriesSplitCroatia
  2. 2.Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological ServiceSplitCroatia
  3. 3.Fundación Centro de Estudios AmbientalesDepartment of Meteorology and PollutantPaternaSpain

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