Brown Adipose Tissue

  • Alexander Pfeifer
  • Martin Klingenspor
  • Stephan Herzig

Part of the Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology book series (HEP, volume 251)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Su Myung Jung, Joan Sanchez-Gurmaches, David A. Guertin
    Pages 3-36
  3. Christian Wolfrum, Leon Gabriel Straub
    Pages 37-54
  4. Antonia Graja, Sabrina Gohlke, Tim J. Schulz
    Pages 55-72
  5. Therese Juhlin Larsen, Naja Zenius Jespersen, Camilla Scheele
    Pages 73-84
  6. Martin E. Lidell
    Pages 107-123
  7. Michael J. Gaudry, Kevin L. Campbell, Martin Jastroch
    Pages 127-141
  8. Ambre M. Bertholet, Yuriy Kirichok
    Pages 143-159
  9. Laia Reverte-Salisa, Abhishek Sanyal, Alexander Pfeifer
    Pages 161-182
  10. Stefanie F. Maurer, Sebastian Dieckmann, Karin Kleigrewe, Cécilia Colson, Ez-Zoubir Amri, Martin Klingenspor
    Pages 183-214
  11. Francesc Villarroya, Aleix Gavaldà-Navarro, Marion Peyrou, Joan Villarroya, Marta Giralt
    Pages 239-256
  12. James Law, David E. Morris, Helen Budge, Michael E. Symonds
    Pages 259-282
  13. Emmani B. M. Nascimento, Wouter D. van Marken Lichtenbelt
    Pages 283-298
  14. Dimitrios C. Karampinos, Dominik Weidlich, Mingming Wu, Houchun H. Hu, Daniela Franz
    Pages 299-324
  15. Angelos Karlas, Josefine Reber, Evangelos Liapis, Korbinian Paul-Yuan, Vasilis Ntziachristos
    Pages 325-336
  16. Takeshi Yoneshiro, Mami Matsushita, Masayuki Saito
    Pages 359-379

About this book


The main focus of this book is on brown adipose tissue and its metabolic function. The book provides a timely update on the latest research and shows where the field is heading. Brown adipose tissue (BAT) dissipates energy and has received considerable attention in the last few years, having been re-discovered in adult humans in 2007/9. Moreover, BAT might offer a target for novel therapies to address obesity, a health condition that has reached pandemic dimensions.


brown adipose tissue obesity metabolism energy homeostatis diabetes

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