Complex Systems Design & Management

Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management, CSD&M Paris 2018

  • Eric Bonjour
  • Daniel Krob
  • Luca Palladino
  • François Stephan
Conference proceedings CSD&M 2018

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Regular Papers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Richard Banach, Joe Razavi, Suzanne Lesecq, Olivier Debicki, Nicolas Mareau, Julie Foucault et al.
      Pages 3-15
    3. Stéphanie Bouffet-Bellaud, Vincent Coipeau-Maia, Ronald Cheve, Thierry Garnier
      Pages 33-43
    4. Christoph Binder, Christian Neureiter, Goran Lastro, Mathias Uslar, Peter Lieber
      Pages 44-55
    5. Alan Guegan, Aymeric Bonnaud
      Pages 56-66
    6. Michael Borth, Emile van Gerwen
      Pages 67-78
    7. Lara Qasim, Marija Jankovic, Sorin Olaru, Jean-Luc Garnier
      Pages 97-108
    8. Richard Doornbos, Bas Huijbrechts, Jack Sleuters, Jacques Verriet, Kristina Ševo, Mark Verberkt
      Pages 109-120
    9. Matthew Potts, Pia Sartor, Angus Johnson, Seth Bullock
      Pages 121-132
    10. Katja Schuitemaker, G. Maarten Bonnema, Marco Kuijsten, Heidi van Spaandonk, Mohammad Rajabalinejad
      Pages 145-156
    11. Diana Meléndez, Thierry Coudert, Laurent Geneste, Juan C. Romero Bejarano, Aymeric De Valroger
      Pages 157-167
    12. Jian Tang, Shaofan Zhu, Raphaël Faudou, Jean-Marie Gauthier
      Pages 168-178
    13. Jon Wade, Steven Hoffenson, Hortense Gerardo
      Pages 192-202
    14. Lorena Pelegrin, Bryan Moser, Shinnosuke Wanaka, Marc-Andre Chavy-Macdonald, Ira Winder
      Pages 203-218
    15. Quentin Wu, David Gouyon, Éric Levrat, Sophie Boudau
      Pages 219-229
  3. Posters

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 231-231
    2. Henrik Balslev
      Pages 233-233
    3. Felipe Sanchez, Davy Monticolo, Eric Bonjour, Jean-Pierre Micaëlli
      Pages 235-235
    4. Nick Van Kelecom, Timothy Verstraete, Sam Silverans, Mathieu Dutré
      Pages 236-236
    5. Mariya Guerroum, Ali El-Alaoui, Laurent Deshayes, Mourad Zegrari, Janah Saadi, Hicham Medromi
      Pages 237-237
    6. Sara Sadvandi, Franck Corbier, Eric Mevel
      Pages 238-238
    7. Benedikt Walter, Dennis Kaiser, Stephan Rudolph
      Pages 239-239
    8. Sara Mallah, Khalid Kouiss, Oualid Kamach, Laurent Deshayes
      Pages 240-240
    9. Jon Wade, Dinesh Verma, Thomas McDermott, Barry Boehm
      Pages 241-241
    10. Paul Maitre, Jérôme Raby-Lemoine, François Videau
      Pages 242-242
  4. Jon Wade, Steven Hoffenson, Hortense Gerardo
    Pages C1-C1
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 243-244

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  2. Complex Systems Design & Management
    Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management, CSD&M Paris 2018

About these proceedings


This book contains all refereed papers accepted during the ninth edition of the conference that took place at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris on December 18-19, 2018.

Mastering complex systems requires an integrated understanding of industrial practices as well as sophisticated theoretical techniques and tools. This explains the creation of an annual go-between forum in Paris dedicated to academic researchers & industrial actors working on complex industrial systems architecture, modeling & engineering.

These proceedings cover the most recent trends in the emerging field of Complex Systems, both from an academic and a professional perspective. A special focus is put on “Products & services development in a digital world”.

The CSD&M Paris 2018 conference is organized under the guidance of CESAM Community ( CESAM Community has been developed since 2010 by the non-profit organization CESAMES Association to organize the sharing of good practices in Enterprise and Systems Architecture and to certify the level of knowledge and proficiency in this field through CESAM certification.


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Editors and affiliations

  • Eric Bonjour
    • 1
  • Daniel Krob
    • 2
  • Luca Palladino
    • 3
  • François Stephan
    • 4
  1. 1.Université de LorraineLaxouFrance
  2. 2.CESAMESParisFrance
  3. 3.SafranMagny Les HameauxFrance
  4. 4.Be-BoundMarnes La CoquetteFrance

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