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How a New Understanding of the Universe Can Help Answer Age-Old Questions of Existence

  • A daring new view of the world by a brilliant young thinker

  • Open Access eBook available to all interested readers at no cost

  • Author's ideas on economics, philosophy and beyond are gaining recognition and influence, e.g. through his highly viewed Ted video "Who Controls the World?"

Part of the book series: The Frontiers Collection (FRONTCOLL)

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Table of contents (15 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Introduction

    • James B. Glattfelder
    Pages 1-39Open Access
  3. Climbing to the Summit

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 41-41
    2. In Search of the Book of Nature

      • James B. Glattfelder
      Pages 43-64Open Access
    3. The Semantics of Symmetry, Invariance, and Structure

      • James B. Glattfelder
      Pages 65-92Open Access
    4. The Unification Power of Symmetry

      • James B. Glattfelder
      Pages 93-138Open Access
    5. The Two Volumes of the Book of Nature

      • James B. Glattfelder
      Pages 139-180Open Access
    6. Volume II: The Simplicity of Complexity

      • James B. Glattfelder
      Pages 181-214Open Access
    7. Applied Complexity: Finance and Economics in a New Light

      • James B. Glattfelder
      Pages 215-279Open Access
  4. The Downfall

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 281-281
    2. Philosophy and Science: What Can I Know?

      • James B. Glattfelder
      Pages 299-344Open Access
    3. Ontological Enigmas: What is the True Nature of Reality?

      • James B. Glattfelder
      Pages 345-394Open Access
    4. Subjective Consciousness: What am I?

      • James B. Glattfelder
      Pages 395-449Open Access
  5. A New Horizon

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 451-451
    2. The Age of Post-Truth

      • James B. Glattfelder
      Pages 453-472Open Access
    3. A Universe Built of Information

      • James B. Glattfelder
      Pages 473-514Open Access
    4. The Consciousness of Reality

      • James B. Glattfelder
      Pages 515-595Open Access
    5. Consilience

      • James B. Glattfelder
      Pages 597-610Open Access
  6. Back Matter

    Pages 611-662

About this book

This open access book chronicles the rise of a new scientific paradigm offering novel insights into the age-old enigmas of existence. Over 300 years ago, the human mind discovered the machine code of reality: mathematics. By utilizing abstract thought systems, humans began to decode the workings of the cosmos. From this understanding, the current scientific paradigm emerged, ultimately discovering the gift of technology. Today, however, our island of knowledge is surrounded by ever longer shores of ignorance. Science appears to have hit a dead end when confronted with the nature of reality and consciousness. In this fascinating and accessible volume, James Glattfelder explores a radical paradigm shift uncovering the ontology of reality. It is found to be information-theoretic and participatory, yielding a computational and programmable universe.


  • Certainty and Knowledge
  • Epistemology and Ontology
  • Foundations of Science
  • Human Mind and Perception
  • Information Ontology
  • Limits of Scientific Description
  • Nature of Reality
  • Who Controls the World Book
  • Open Access

Authors and Affiliations

  • Zürich, Switzerland

    James B. Glattfelder

About the author

James B. Glattfelder grew up in the Swiss mountains and holds an M.Sc. in theoretical physics next to a Ph.D. in the study of complex systems. For over a decade, he worked as a quantitative researcher developing trading algorithms and is currently associated with the nascent decentralized ledger technology ecosystem. James also worked at the University of Zurich, analyzing economic networks. He has been invited as a speaker to various international academic and non-academic events and multiple media outlets have featured his research. James is happily married to his wife Ladina. In his spare time, he likes to snowboard, skateboard, surf, travel, and listen to electronic music.

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Hardcover Book USD 49.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)