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Wellbeing and Devolution

Reframing the Role of Government in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland


  • Analyses wellbeing policy developments, the challenges they seek to overcome and early indications of their impact in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

  • Provides readers with a clear description of how the three devolved administrations work, adding to the understanding of the changing nature of the UK state at a critical time

  • Appeals to students and researchers in societal wellbeing, social policy and economics, as well as practitioners in the UK

Part of the book series: Wellbeing in Politics and Policy (WPP)

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Table of contents (7 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xiii
  2. Introduction

    • Jennifer Wallace
    Pages 1-31Open Access
  3. Scotland: Wellbeing as Performance Management

    • Jennifer Wallace
    Pages 45-71Open Access
  4. Wales: Wellbeing as Sustainable Development

    • Jennifer Wallace
    Pages 73-101Open Access
  5. Northern Ireland: Wellbeing as a Vision

    • Jennifer Wallace
    Pages 103-125Open Access
  6. Cross-Jurisdictional Analysis

    • Jennifer Wallace
    Pages 127-149Open Access
  7. Conclusions and Reflections

    • Jennifer Wallace
    Pages 151-162Open Access
  8. Back Matter

    Pages 163-165

About this book

It has been over twenty years since the people of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland voted for devolution. Over that time, the devolved legislatures have established themselves and matured their approach to governance. At different times and for different reasons, each has put wellbeing at the heart of their approach – codifying their values and goals within wellbeing frameworks. This open access book explores, for the first time, why each set their goal as improving wellbeing and how they balance the core elements of societal wellbeing (economic, social and environmental outcomes). Do the frameworks represent a genuine attempt to think differently about how devolved government can plan and organise public services? And if so, what early indications are there of the impact is this having on people’s lives?


  • Open Access
  • wellbeing
  • life satisfaction
  • social progress
  • GDP
  • devolution
  • key facts
  • social indicators
  • policy impact
  • Scottish Government
  • National Performance Framework
  • public sector reform
  • localism
  • participation
  • sustainable development
  • future generations
  • Welsh Government
  • Northern Ireland Assembly
  • post-conflict
  • Good Friday Agreement
  • British Politics

Authors and Affiliations

  • Carnegie UK Trust, Dunfermline, UK

    Jennifer Wallace

About the author

Jennifer Wallace is Head of Policy at Carnegie UK Trust where she leads the Trusts work on understanding wellbeing. She has worked in the public and voluntary sector for almost twenty years and is the author of a large number of research-based public policy reports, many of which relate to public sector reform.

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Buying options

Hardcover Book USD 59.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)