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Agroecological Transitions: From Theory to Practice in Local Participatory Design

  • This Open Access volume describes both theoretical and practical aspects of agroecological transition specifics

  • This Open Access work broadens readers understanding of original conceptual and methodological framework for supporting local stakeholders into the agroecological transition design process

  • This Open Access book explains how to structure an original teamwork to handle agroecological transition specifics

  • These contributions offer a step-by-step procedures methods and tools design

  • This Open Access book provides case studies that illustrate methods and tools application and results assessment

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Table of contents (15 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xvi
  2. Introduction

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1
    2. Introduction

      • Jacques-Eric Bergez, Olivier Therond
      Pages 3-12Open Access
    3. TATA-BOX at a Glance

      • Jacques-Eric Bergez, Olivier Therond
      Pages 13-17Open Access
  3. Territorial Agroecological Transition at a Concept Crossroads

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 19-19
    2. Socio-economic Characterisation of Agriculture Models

      • Olivier Therond, Thomas Debril, Michel Duru, Marie-Benoît Magrini, Gaël Plumecocq, Jean-Pierre Sarthou
      Pages 21-43Open Access
    3. An Integrated Approach to Livestock Farming Systems’ Autonomy to Design and Manage Agroecological Transition at the Farm and Territorial Levels

      • Marie-Angélina Magne, Guillaume Martin, Marc Moraine, Julie Ryschawy, Vincent Thenard, Pierre Triboulet et al.
      Pages 45-68Open Access
    4. Agroecological Transition from Farms to Territorialised Agri-Food Systems: Issues and Drivers

      • Marie-Benoît Magrini, Guillaume Martin, Marie-Angélina Magne, Michel Duru, Nathalie Couix, Laurent Hazard et al.
      Pages 69-98Open Access
    5. A Plurality of Viewpoints Regarding the Uncertainties of the Agroecological Transition

      • Danièle Magda, Nathalie Girard, Valérie Angeon, Célia Cholez, Nathalie Raulet-Croset, Régis Sabbadin et al.
      Pages 99-120Open Access
    6. Towards an Integrated Framework for the Governance of a Territorialised Agroecological Transition

      • Pierre Triboulet, Jean-Pierre Del Corso, Michel Duru, Danielle Galliano, Amélie Gonçalves, Catherine Milou et al.
      Pages 121-147Open Access
    7. The Key Role of Actors in the Agroecological Transition of Farmers: A Case-Study in the Tarn-Aveyron Basin

      • Julie Ryschawy, Jean-Pierre Sarthou, Ariane Chabert, Olivier Therond
      Pages 149-173Open Access
  4. Support Methodology for Territorial Agroecological Transition Design, and Feedback from the TATA-BOX Project Experience

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 175-175
    2. Participatory Methodology for Designing an Agroecological Transition at Local Level

      • Elise Audouin, Jacques-Eric Bergez, Olivier Therond
      Pages 177-206Open Access
    3. Towards a Reflective Approach to Research Project Management

      • Lorène Prost, Marie Chizallet, Marie Taverne, Flore Barcellini
      Pages 207-227Open Access
    4. Evaluation of the Operationalisation of the TATA-BOX Process

      • Marie Taverne, Sarah Clément, Lorène Prost, Flore Barcellini
      Pages 229-259Open Access
  5. New Prospects and Cross-Cutting Perspectives

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 261-261
    2. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the Agroecological Transition

      • Lola Leveau, Aurélien Bénel, Jean-Pierre Cahier, François Pinet, Pascal Salembier, Vincent Soulignac et al.
      Pages 263-287Open Access
    3. TATA-BOX: A Model for Participatory Processes?

      • Sylvie Lardon
      Pages 289-304Open Access
    4. Review and Critique of the TATA-BOX Model

      • Charles A. Francis, Geir Lieblein
      Pages 305-321Open Access
    5. Opening the TATA-BOX to Raise New Questions on Agroecological Transition

      • Jean-Marc Touzard, Jean-Marc Barbier, Laure Hossard
      Pages 323-330Open Access

About this book

This Open Access book presents feedback from the ‘Territorial Agroecological Transition in Action’- TATA-BOX research project, which was devoted to these specific issues. The multidisciplinary and multi-organisation research team steered a four-year action-research process in two territories of France.  It also presents:
i)  the key dimensions to be considered when dealing with agroecological transition: diversity of agriculture models, management of uncertainties, polycentric governance, autonomies, and role of actors’ networks;
ii)  an operational and original participatory process and associated boundary tools to support local stakeholders in shifting from a shared diagnosis to a shared action plan for transition, and in so doing developing mutual understanding and involvement;
iii)  an analysis of the main effects of the methodology on research organisation and on stakeholders’ development and application;
iv)  critical analysis and foresights on the main outcomes of TATA-BOX, provided by external researchers.

Editors and Affiliations

  • AGIR, Université de Toulouse, INRA, Castanet-Tolosan, France

    Jacques-Eric Bergez, Elise Audouin

  • LAE, Université de Lorraine, INRA, Colmar, France

    Olivier Therond

About the editors

Jacques-Eric Bergez, is a PhD senior scientist, accredited to supervise research at INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research), unit AGIR (AGroecologies, Innovations & teRritories). His main interests are in systemic agronomy and modelling. His main research topic is the description and modelling of farmers’ practices in order to develop innovative crop management systems. He is the leader of the INRA AGIR research unit (90 persons). He is the scientific leader of the RECORD users’ network, RECORD being a modelling and simulation platform to develop and work with agroecosystem models. He coordinates (2014-2017) a research project on developing a methodology to help stakeholders to modify their agricultural practices in order to reach a more agroecological agriculture. He participated at the development and evaluation of a modelling framework to evaluate the contribution of innovative cropping systems to the overall sustainability (2005-2012). He is the (co)author of more than sixty research papers and managed eight theses.

Elise Audouin is an agroecologist within INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research), unit AGIR (AGroecologies, Innovations & teRritories). Her main expertise is on development and facilitation of participatory process for supporting stakeholders in designing agroecological transition. She specialized on the conception of participatory methods, representation modes, intermediary objects design and scientific mediation. She develop and facilitated 24 workshop so far with 412 participants in contrasted contexts (Europe, Central America and the Carribbean, Scandinavian countries; Africa); and on contrasted topics (specific agroecological farm pratices; organic consumption; chain impacts; holistic agroecological project) and scales (from farm to city, department to production chain).

Olivier Therond is a landscape agronomist within INRA, (French National Institute for Agricultural Research), unit LAE (Laboratory Agronomy and Environment). His main expertise is on methods for integrated assessment and modeling of social-ecological systems. Recent activities focus on analysis and assessment of agriculture models, development of the MAELIA multi-agent modeling and simulation platform, development of participatory methods and boundary objects (including models) for supporting stakeholders in designing agricultural landscapes to deal with water shortage issues, crop–livestock systems, and agroecological transitions at the local level. He is the (co)author of more than forty research papers and managed five theses.

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  • Durable hardcover edition
  • Dispatched in 3 to 5 business days
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