Proteomics of Human Body Fluids

Principles, Methods, and Applications

  • Visith Thongboonkerd

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Principles of Proteomics Applied to Human Body Fluids

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Sung-Min Ahn, Richard J. Simpson
      Pages 3-30
    3. Natalia Govorukhina, Rainer Bischoff
      Pages 31-69
    4. Silke Wittemann, Dominic P. Eisinger, Laurie L. Stephen, Thomas O. Joos
      Pages 71-82
    5. Jakob Bunkenborg, Per Hägglund, Ole Nørregaard Jensen
      Pages 107-128
    6. Malabika Sarker, G. Hanumanthu, Akhilesh Pandey
      Pages 129-136
    7. Christine Hoogland, Khaled Mostaguir, Jean-Charles Sanchez, Denis F. Hochstrasser, Ron D. Appel
      Pages 137-146
    8. Marc R. Wilkins, Sybille M. N. Hunt
      Pages 147-174
  3. Proteomic Analysis of Specific Types of Human Body Fluids

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 193-193
    2. Methods, Findings, applications, Perspectives, and Future Directions

      1. Gilbert S. Omenn, Rajasree Menon, Marcin Adamski, Thomas Blackwell, Brian B. Haab, Weimin Gao et al.
        Pages 195-224
      2. Visith Thongboonkerd, Pedro R. Cutillas, Robert J. Unwin, Stefan Schaub, Peter Nickerson, Marion Haubitz et al.
        Pages 225-268
      3. Margareta Ramström, Jonas Bergquist
        Pages 269-284
      4. Joost Hegmans, Annabrita Hemmes, Bart Lambrecht
        Pages 285-307
      5. Ruddy Wattiez, Olivier Michel, Paul Falmagne
        Pages 309-325
      6. Begona Casado, Simona Viglio, James N. Baraniuk
        Pages 327-346
      7. Francisco M. L. Amado, Rui M. P. Vitorino, Maria J. C. Lobo, Pedro M. D. N. Domingues
        Pages 347-376
      8. Mads Grønborg, Anirban Maitra, Akhilesh Pandey
        Pages 377-397
      9. Troels Zakarias Kristiansen, Anirban Maitra, Akhilesh Pandey
        Pages 399-414
      10. David Crettaz, Lynne Thadikkaran, Denis Gallot, Pierre-Alain Queloz, Vincent Sapin, Joël S. Rossier et al.
        Pages 415-436
      11. Amedeo Conti, Maria Gabriella Giuffrida, Maria Cavaletto
        Pages 437-451
      12. Benjamin Solomon, Mark W. Duncan
        Pages 467-493
      13. Atsushi Minamoto, Ken Yamane, Tomoko Yokoyama
        Pages 495-507
      14. Michael Walden, Stefan Wittke, Harald Mischak, Raymond C. Vanholder, The European Uremic Toxin Work Group (EUTox)
        Pages 509-520
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 521-533

About this book


The recent development of proteomics studies into clinical examinations of proteomics promises to lead toward the ultimate goals of earlier diagnosis, improved therapeutic outcome and successful prevention of diseases.  In Proteomics of Human Body Fluids: Principles, Methods, and Applications,  top experts provide the premier collection of proteomics applications designed to analyze various human body fluids.  Beginning with basic principles and strategies then exploring methodologies, recent findings, and clinical applications, this authoritative volume covers its subject in great detail from many angles.

Comprehensive and extensive, Proteomics of Human Body Fluids: Principles, Methods, and Applications is an ideal reference for all scientists interested in this vital, growing field of study.


Endoplasmatisches Reticulum Polyacrylamid-Gelelektrophorese Proteomics bioinformatics glycoprotein proteins

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  • Visith Thongboonkerd
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  1. 1.Medical Molecular Biology Unit Office for Research and Development Faculty of Medicine Siriraj HospitalMahidol UniversityBangkokThailand

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