Marihuana and Medicine

  • Gabriel G. Nahas
  • Kenneth M. Sutin
  • David Harvey
  • Stig Agurell
  • Nicholas Pace
  • Robert Cancro

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. Introduction: Marihuana and Medicine—A Historical Review

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Hélène Peters, Gabriel G. Nahas
      Pages 3-7
    3. Gabriel G. Nahas, Harris Rosenkrantz, W. D. M. Paton
      Pages 9-12
    4. Gabriel G. Nahas, D. J. Harvey, R. Bourdon, J.-C. Jardillier, H. Tuchmann-Duplessis, W. D. M. Paton
      Pages 13-24
    5. David J. Harvey, Gabriel G. Nahas, J. R. Trounce, W. D. M. Paton
      Pages 45-52
    6. Jacques Chirac, Henri Baruk, Paul Lechat, Henri Baylon
      Pages 53-57
    7. Jerome P. Kassirer, Gabriel G. Nahas, Kenneth Sutin, W. Manger, G. Hyman
      Pages 59-62
  3. Chemistry and Pharmacokinetics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 63-63
    2. Raphael Mechoulam, W. A. Devane, R. Glaser
      Pages 65-90
    3. Larry A. Walker, Ernest C. Harland, Allyson M. Best, Mahmoud A. ElSohly
      Pages 123-135
    4. Brian F. Thomas, Victor L. Parker, Lillian W. Caddell, Larry V. Jones, Surinder K. Sabharwal, Andy I. McDaniel et al.
      Pages 137-143
  4. Biochemistry and Molecular Mechanisms

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 153-153
    2. S. John Gatley, Nora D. Volkow, Alexandros Makriyannis
      Pages 163-176
    3. Eliot L. Gardner
      Pages 187-205
    4. Edward E. Domino
      Pages 223-226
    5. Loren L. Miller
      Pages 227-231
    6. Klaus A. Miczek
      Pages 233-241
  5. Pharmacology and Physiopathology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 243-243
    2. Donald P. Tashkin
      Pages 279-287
    3. Renaud Trouve, Gabriel Nahas
      Pages 291-304
    4. Harris Rosenkrantz
      Pages 305-316
    5. Guy A. Cabral
      Pages 317-325
    6. Paul Janssen
      Pages 327-331
  6. Marihuana and Reproductive Function

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 333-333
    2. Herbert Schuel, Michael C. Chang, Lani J. Burkman, Robert P. Picone, Alexandros Makriyannis, Arthur M. Zimmerman et al.
      Pages 335-345
    3. Arthur M. Zimmerman, Selma Zimmerman, A. Yesoda Raj
      Pages 347-357
    4. Hosea E. S. Huang, Gabriel G. Nahas, Wylie C. Hembree III
      Pages 359-366
    5. Wylie C. Hembree III, Gabriel G. Nahas, P. Zeidenberg, Hosea F. S. Huang
      Pages 367-378
    6. Carol Grace Smith, Ramona G. Almirez, Pamela M. Scher, Riccardo H. Asch
      Pages 379-384
    7. Jack H. Mendelson, Nancy K. Mello
      Pages 385-392
    8. Bibhash C. Paria, Sanjoy K. Das, Sudhansu K. Dey
      Pages 393-409
    9. Harris Rosenkrantz
      Pages 411-430
    10. David D. Cozens, Gabriel G. Nahas, David Harvey
      Pages 431-440
    11. E. N. Sassenrath, L. F. Chapman, G. P. Goo
      Pages 449-459

About this book


In Marihuana and Medicine, leading physicians and scientists from around the world critically review the pharmacological and molecular basis of the therapeutic properties of marihuana and its active ingredient, THC. They detail the broad array of marihuana's effects on brain function, the immune system, male and female reproductive function, and cardiac and pulmonary function, as well as evaluate its clinical applications in psychiatry, glaucoma, pain management, cancer chemotherapy, and AIDS treatment. Their work indicates that marihuana impairs brain and reproductive function, is harmful to the immune system, is more damaging when smoked to the lung than tobacco smoke, and is not an effective, medically acceptable therapeutic vehicle for THC. The editors have also included key historical material tracing the controversial history of marihuana in science and medicine over the centuries.
Marihuana and Medicine's report of the latest findings on the pharmacological, pharmacodynamic, and molecular mechanisms of marihuana will be essential reading for clinicians, psychiatrists, pharmacologists, policy makers, health-care workers, and attorneys.


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  • Gabriel G. Nahas
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  • Kenneth M. Sutin
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  • David Harvey
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  • Stig Agurell
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  • Nicholas Pace
    • 4
  • Robert Cancro
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  1. 1.Department of AnesthesiologyNew York University School of MedicineUSA
  2. 2.Department of BiochemistryOxford UniversityUSA
  3. 3.Faculty of PharmacyUniversity of UppsalaSweden
  4. 4.NYU School of MedicineUSA

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