Nutritional Health

Strategies for Disease Prevention

  • Ted Wilson
  • Norman J. Temple

Part of the Nutrition ◊ and ◊ Health book series (NH)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Michael F. Jacobson
    Pages 1-11
  3. Norman J. Temple, Marion Nestle
    Pages 13-29
  4. Myron H. Weinberger
    Pages 51-57
  5. Carolyn K. Clifford, Sharon S. McDonald
    Pages 59-74
  6. Ted Wilson, Patricia A. Murphy
    Pages 75-88
  7. Norman J. Temple, Artur Machner
    Pages 89-100
  8. Jayne V. Woodside, Ian S. Young
    Pages 101-120
  9. Robert Clarke, Chris Frost
    Pages 121-134
  10. Marie K. Richards, Sahasporn Paeratakul, George A. Bray, Barry M. Popkin
    Pages 135-150
  11. Jayne V. Woodside, Ian S. Young
    Pages 151-166
  12. Marion J. Franz
    Pages 167-193
  13. Brian Leutholtz, Richard B. Kreider
    Pages 207-235
  14. David J. P. Barker, Keith M. Godfrey
    Pages 253-268
  15. Barrie M. Margetts
    Pages 269-287
  16. Tony Helman
    Pages 299-313
  17. Ted Wilson, Norman J. Temple
    Pages 315-323
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 325-336

About this book


Nutrition is pivotal in the prevention of chronic diseases. This understanding has produced a parallel growth in the need to provide both health-care providers and the public with more and better information about how nutrition helps maintain optimal health. In Nutritional Health: Strategies for Disease Prevention, Ted Wilson and Norman J. Temple have assembled an authoritative and comprehensive collection of cutting-edge reviews detailing the scientific evidence for the health effects of vitamins, minerals, functional foods, and other classes of foods. The authors provide readers with updated recommendations on a wide range of significant nutritional questions, including the cardiovascular effects of dietary fats and homocysteine, the importance of antioxidants and soy isoflavones with respect to heart disease and cancer, and the use of dietary modifications in the prevention and/or treatment of blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Also addressed are issues related to nutritional aids for physical performance, nutraceuticals, and genetic engineering of our foods. The book also discusses epidemiological studies and using the Internet to obtain nutritional information, as well as the question of how changes in our nutritional habits can be implemented through health promotion and government policy.
Richly insightful and up-to-date, Nutritional Health: Strategies for Disease Prevention offers health providers everywhere sound advice on optimizing nutritional habits, as well as a valuable guide to the growing body of literature that shows how nutritional interventions have become essential to reducing the risk of chronic disease.


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  1. 1.Departments of Exercise and Sport Science/Health EducationUniversity of Wisconsin-La CrosseLa CrosseUSA
  2. 2.Centre for ScienceAthabasca UniversityAthabascaCanada

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