The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life II

  • Arthur N. Popper
  • Anthony Hawkins
Conference proceedings

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 875)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxx
  2. Michael A. Ainslie, Christ A. F. de Jong
    Pages 27-35
  3. Mathias H. Andersson, Torbjörn Johansson
    Pages 37-45
  4. Michel André, Kenzo Kaifu, Marta Solé, Mike van der Schaar, Tomonari Akamatsu, Andreu Balastegui et al.
    Pages 47-55
  5. William Ary, Ted W. Cranford, Annalisa Berta, Petr Krysl
    Pages 57-64
  6. Suzanne Beck, Joanne O’Brien, Simon Berrow, Ian O’Connor, Dave Wall
    Pages 73-81
  7. Marta Bolgan, Marta Picciulin, Antonio Codarin, Riccardo Fiorin, Matteo Zucchetta, Stefano Malavasi
    Pages 83-90
  8. Loes J. Bolle, Christ A. F. de Jong, Stijn M. Bierman, Pieter J. G. van Beek, Peter W. Wessels, Ewout Blom et al.
    Pages 91-100
  9. Brian K. Branstetter, Kimberly L. Bakhtiari, Jennifer S. Trickey, James J. Finneran
    Pages 109-116
  10. Andrew D. Brown, Joseph A. Sisneros, Tyler Jurasin, Allison B. Coffin
    Pages 117-124
  11. Brandon M. Casper, Thomas J. Carlson, Michele B. Halvorsen, Arthur N. Popper
    Pages 125-132
  12. Douglas H. Cato, Rebecca A. Dunlop, Michael J. Noad, Robert D. McCauley, Eric Kniest, David Paton et al.
    Pages 145-152
  13. Daniel P. Costa, Lisa Schwarz, Patrick Robinson, Robert S. Schick, Patricia A. Morris, Richard Condit et al.
    Pages 161-169
  14. Kane A. Cunningham, Brandon L. Southall, Colleen Reichmuth
    Pages 181-187
  15. Christ A. F. de Jong, Michael A. Ainslie, Floor Heinis, Jeroen Janmaat
    Pages 189-196
  16. Elisabeth Debusschere, Bert De Coensel, Sofie Vandendriessche, Dick Botteldooren, Kris Hostens, Magda Vincx et al.
    Pages 197-204
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    Pages 205-215
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    Pages 255-263
  24. Christine Erbe, Robert McCauley, Alexander Gavrilov
    Pages 265-271
  25. Kirsty A. Everley, Andrew N. Radford, Stephen D. Simpson
    Pages 273-279
  26. Erica Fleishman, Mark Burgman, Michael C. Runge, Robert S. Schick, Scott Kraus
    Pages 295-302
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    Pages 303-311
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    Pages 341-347
  32. Robert C. Gisiner
    Pages 355-362
  33. Michael D. Gray, Peter H. Rogers, Arthur N. Popper, Anthony D. Hawkins, Richard R. Fay
    Pages 363-369
  34. Melania Guerra, Peter J. Dugan, Dimitri W. Ponirakis, Marian Popescu, Yu Shiu, Aaron N. Rice et al.
    Pages 371-379
  35. Craig A. Hamm, Diana F. McCammon, Martin L. Taillefer
    Pages 381-389
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    Pages 391-398
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    Pages 399-407
  38. Jolie Harrison, Megan Ferguson, Jason Gedamke, Leila Hatch, Brandon Southall, Sofie Van Parijs
    Pages 409-416
  39. John Harwood, Stephanie King, Cormac Booth, Carl Donovan, Robert S. Schick, Len Thomas et al.
    Pages 417-423

About these proceedings


The meeting of Aquatic Noise 2013 will introduce participants to the most recent research data, regulatory issues and thinking about effects of man-made noise and will foster critical cross-disciplinary discussion between the participants. Emphasis will be on the cross-fertilization of ideas and findings across species and noise sources. As with its predecessor, The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life: 3rd International Conference will encourage discussion of the impact of underwater sound, its regulation and mitigation of its effects. With over 100 contributions from leading researchers, a wide range of sources of underwater sound will be considered. 


Sound Exposure Sound Sources Soundscapes Underwater sound biological effects communication

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