Plant Mitochondria

Structural, Functional, and Physiological Aspects

  • A. L. Moore
  • R. B. Beechey

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Organisation of the Electron Transport Chain

    1. D. A. Day, J. T. Wiskich, J. H. Bryce, I. B. Dry
      Pages 59-66
    2. Simon T. Dobbs, Anthony L. Moore
      Pages 67-72
    3. Pierre Rustin, Michel Neuburger, Roland Douce, Claude Lance
      Pages 89-92
    4. Donald E. Moreland, William P. Novitzky
      Pages 93-96
    5. Linus H. W. van der Plas, Henk Gude, Marijke Wagner
      Pages 105-108
    6. Annick Hourmant, Pierre Dizengremel
      Pages 109-112
    7. Annika Lidén, Marianne Sommarin, Ian M. Møller
      Pages 139-142
    8. John O’Rourke, S. Brian Wilson
      Pages 147-150
  3. Mitochondrial Interactions

    1. H. Ebbighausen, M. D. Hatch, R. McC. Lilley, S. Krömer, M. Stitt, H. W. Heldt
      Pages 171-180
    2. David J. Oliver, Joan L. Walker
      Pages 181-188
    3. Jan A. Miernyk, Barbara J. Rapp, Nancy R. David, Douglas D. Randall
      Pages 189-197
    4. David A. Day, G. Dean Price, Peter M. Gresshoff
      Pages 207-210
    5. Alyson K. Tobin, Nazira Sumar, Mina Patel, Michael O. Proudlove, George R. Stewart, Anthony L. Moore
      Pages 215-218
    6. Jan A. Miernyk, Douglas D. Randall
      Pages 223-226
    7. E. Brian Beechey, Michael A. Brailsford, Andrew G. Thompson
      Pages 227-232
    8. Michael O. Proudlove, R. Brian Beechey, Anthony L. Moore
      Pages 233-238
    9. K. L. Soole, I. B. Dry, J. T. Wiskich
      Pages 239-242
    10. Martine Guerin, Nadine Camougrand, Alain Cheyrou, Michèle-France Henry
      Pages 243-246
    11. Christian Tamponnet, Jean-Pierre Rona, Jean-Nöel Barbotin, Régis Calvayrac
      Pages 247-250
  4. Mitochondrial Biogenesis

    1. Malcolm J. Hawkesford, Christopher J. Leaver
      Pages 251-263
    2. Tadashi Asahi, Masayodhi Maeshima, Tsuyoshi Nakagawa, Kazuto Kobayashi, Yukimoto Iwasaki, Kenzo Nakamura
      Pages 265-274
    3. R. Dutch, R. Ingle, J. Centeno, W. Peiffer, G. Babcock, S. Ferguson-Miller
      Pages 301-304

About this book


Eight years have elapsed since the first International Meeting on Plant Mitochondria was held in Marseilles. Since this date numerous important developments have occurred within the field and hence a further conference on this fundamental area of research was considered well overdue. This volume summarises the lecture and poster sessions of the second International Meeting on Plant Mitochondria held in Aberystwyth, July 20- 24th, 1986. The meeting was held not only to bring together plant scientists interested in the bioenergetics of plant mitochondria but also those who are interested in the regulatory role of mitochondria in plant growth and respiration. A further important aspect of this conference was to introduce plant physiologists and biochemists to the plant molecular biologists in an attempt to not only discuss problems of mutual interest but to also learn much more about the real questions which the biochemists and physiologists wish to answer. Hopefully the volume reflects much of the current excitement and advances being made in the field. Although many of the participants of the first meeting were present the expertise of Walter Bonner, Jack Hanson and Gaston Ducet, to name but a few, was sorely missed. The conference consisted of forty-five minute review lectures followed by thirty minute research lectures, the summaries of which are found in the longer articles. The meeting was divided into four seSSions, namely, organisation of the electron transport chain; mitochondrial interactions; mitochondrial biogenesis and plant growth and development.


development electron electron transport growth mitochondria plant growth respiration transport

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  2. 2.University College of WalesAberystwythWales

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