Human and Machine Vision

Analogies and Divergencies

  • Virginio Cantoni

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Bertrand Zavidovique, Pierre Fiorini
    Pages 13-56
  3. Vito Di Gesù, Serge Castan, Silvana Vallerga, Hezy Yeshurun, Mario Zanforlin, Bertrand Zavidovique
    Pages 57-65
  4. Gian Michele Ratto, Paolo Martini
    Pages 67-82
  5. Marco Ferretti
    Pages 83-103
  6. Hezy Yeshurun, Ivo De Lotto, Concettina Guerra
    Pages 105-108
  7. Adriana Fiorentini
    Pages 109-114
  8. Gabriella Sanniti di Baja
    Pages 115-129
  9. Carlo Arcelli, Luigi P. Cordella, Leila De Floriani
    Pages 131-144
  10. Angelo Buizza
    Pages 145-157
  11. Massimo Savini
    Pages 159-170
  12. Steven Tanimoto, Angelo Buizza, Carlo Alberto Marzi, Massimo Savini, Sergio Vitulano
    Pages 171-180
  13. Alberto Del Bimbo, Simone Santini
    Pages 199-221
  14. Lorenzo Magnani, Sabino Civita, Guido Previde Massara
    Pages 229-243
  15. Vito Roberto
    Pages 245-262
  16. Stefano Levialdi, Jörg Becker, Santo Sciacca
    Pages 263-276
  17. Riccardo Luccio
    Pages 277-287
  18. Piero Mussio, Nicola Bruno, Floriana Esposito
    Pages 319-338
  19. Ornella Dentici Andreani
    Pages 339-354
  20. Eduardo R. Caianiello, Alfredo Petrosino
    Pages 355-370
  21. Salvatore Gaglio, Floriana Esposito, Stefano Nolfi
    Pages 371-383
  22. Stefania Garassini, Maria Grazia Mattei
    Pages 385-388
  23. Back Matter
    Pages 389-391

About this book


The following are the proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Perception held in Pavia, Italy, on September 27-30, 1993, under the auspices of four institutions: the Group of Cybernetic and Biophysics (GNCB)s of the National Research Council (CNR), the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI * IA), the Italian Association of Psychology (AlP), and the Italian Chapter of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR). The theme of this third workshop was: "Human and Machine Vision: Analogies and Divergencies." A wide spectrum of topics was covered, ranging from neurophysiology, to computer architecture, to psychology, to image understanding, etc. For this reason the structure of this workshop was quite different from those of the first two held in Parma (1991), and Trieste (1992). This time the workshop was composed of just eight modules, each one consisting of two invited lectures (dealing with vision in nature and machines, respectively) and a common panel discussion (including the two lecturers and three invited panellists).


Evolution Perception architecture attention neurophysiology organization physiology

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  1. 1.University of PaviaPaviaItaly

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