Science and Technology of Polymers and Advanced Materials

Emerging Technologies and Business Opportunities

  • Paras N. Prasad
  • James E. Mark
  • Sherif H. Kandil
  • Zakya H. Kafafi

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. General Plenary Session

    1. Yoshikazu Ito
      Pages 1-8
  3. Composites and Blends

    1. Lloyd M. Robeson, Amir Famili, James F. Nangeroni
      Pages 9-23
    2. Olli T. Ikkala, Pentti Passiniemi, Jan-Erik Österholm
      Pages 51-60
    3. S. S. Hwang, S. M. Hong, Y. Seo, K. U. Kim
      Pages 61-73
    4. Hakima Halitim, Djafer Benachour, Abderrezak Hammouche
      Pages 75-84
  4. High Performance Materials

  5. Materials for Electronics and Photonics

    1. G. Leising, F. Meghdadi, S. Tasch, C. Brandstätter, W. Graupner, S. Hampel et al.
      Pages 193-205
    2. Christopher B. Gorman, Brandon Parkhurst, Kang-Yi Chen, Wendy Su, Michael Hager, Igor Touzov
      Pages 231-240
    3. Martti Kauranen, Thierry Verbiest, Sven Van Elshocht, André Persoons
      Pages 259-273
    4. Jae Yoon Lee, Hoosung Lee
      Pages 299-308
    5. Takaaki Ishigure, Akihiro Horibe, Eisuke Nihei, Yasuhiro Koike
      Pages 309-327
    6. Stefan Diez, Robert Elschner, Rainer Macdonald, Roland Schulz, Andreas Wappelt, Hans Joachim Eichler
      Pages 329-331
    7. Kwang-Sup Lee, Sung-Bae Lee, Kyung-Bok Lee, Hong-Ku Shim, Ki-Jeong Moon, Han Young Woo et al.
      Pages 333-347
    8. George I. Stegeman, Akira Otomo, Matthias Jaeger, Christian Bosshard, Rien Flipse, Michael Canva
      Pages 349-364
    9. S. Lefrant, J. P. Buisson, M. Baitoul, I. Orion, A. Simonneau, G. Froyer
      Pages 365-373
    10. Sandalphon, E. Hendrickx, J. Herlocker, G. E. Jabbour, Y. Kawabe, B. Kippelen et al.
      Pages 375-384
    11. Thomas F. Magnera, Jaroslav Pecka, Josef Michl
      Pages 385-391
    12. N. Deepak Kumar, Manjari Lal, Paras N. Prasad
      Pages 393-402
    13. A. J. Epstein, Y. Z. Wang, D. D. Gebler
      Pages 403-410
    14. M. D. Migahed, T. Fahmy, S. Roth
      Pages 411-419
    15. A. A. Bahgat, S. M. Sayyah, H. S. Shalabi
      Pages 421-428
  6. Biomaterial and Biotechnology

    1. Paolo Giusti, Niccoletta Barbani, Luigi Lazzeri, Giovanni Polacco, Caterina Cristallini, Maria G. Cascone
      Pages 449-462
    2. Sang Yup Lee, Jong-il Choi, Fulai Wang
      Pages 463-475
    3. William H. Daly, Melissa Manuszak Guerrini, Doris Culberson, Javier Macossay
      Pages 493-512
    4. Ruifeng Zhao, Mamoru Haratake, Raphael M. Ottenbrite
      Pages 513-520
    5. Stephen F. Swallen, Michael R. Shortreed, Zhong-You Shi, Weihong Tan, Zhifu Xu, Chelladuri Devadoss et al.
      Pages 521-533
    6. Jin Ho Lee, Jin Whan Lee, Gilson Khang, Hai Bang Lee
      Pages 535-545
    7. L. Ambrosio, R. De Santis, L. Nicolais
      Pages 547-555
    8. Tsutomu Suzuki, Takayuki Matsumoto, Yoshinori Hagino, Hideyuki Tozaki, Akira Yamamoto, Shouzou Muranishi
      Pages 567-571
  7. Degradation, Stabilization and Recycling of Materials, and Environmentally Friendly Processing

    1. N. M. Surdia, E. Noorlaila, E. Rohaeti, Kushardianti, M. Zaenuddin
      Pages 573-579

About this book


This book summarizes the state ofthe art research presented at the Fourth International Conference on Frontiers of Polymersand Advanced Materialsheld in Cairo, Egypt in January 4-9, 1997. This conference follows the successful conferences held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1995, in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1993 andin New Delhi, India in 1991. These conferences focussed on the most recent and important advances in a wide range of carefully chosen subject areas dealing with advanced materials, their science and technology and new business opportunities resulting from recent technological advances. As its predecessors, the conference held in Cairo was truly international with strong participation of 488 deiegales representing 37 countries from the USA and Egypt, as weil as Europe, South East Asia, Japan, South Africa and the Middle East. The conference was organized by the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, The Arab Society ofMaterials Science and the State University ofNew Y ork at Butfalo. The stated goals ofthe conference were: • To highlight advances and new. findings in the general area of polymers and advanced materials. - • T o foster global collaboration between the USA, Egypt and other nations in the general field of polymers and advanced materials. • To promote the development of scientific ilifrastructure in this field among the different participating countries, especially in the Middle East. • To create a basisforfuture long-term scientific exchanges between the USA and Egypt, and/or other countries.


Elastomer Extrusion Polyblend Polyethylen crystal liquid photonics polymer

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  • James E. Mark
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  • Sherif H. Kandil
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  • Zakya H. Kafafi
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