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Modern C++ for Absolute Beginners

A Friendly Introduction to C++ Programming Language and C++11 to C++20 Standards

  • Covers the basics of the C++ programming language

  • Uses relevant modern C++ techniques and practices

  • Allows you to become familiar with modern C++ standards


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 1-1
  3. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 3-3
  4. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 5-6
  5. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 7-10
  6. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 11-18
  7. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 19-20
  8. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 21-24
  9. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 25-26
  10. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 27-29
  11. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 31-32
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    Pages 33-35
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    Pages 37-38
  14. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 39-45
  15. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 47-48
  16. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 49-53
  17. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 55-66
  18. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 67-68
  19. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 69-73
  20. Slobodan Dmitrović
    Pages 75-84

About this book


C++ is a language like no other, surprising in its complexity, yet wonderfully sleek and elegant in so many ways. It is also a language that cannot be learned by guessing, one that is easy to get wrong and challenging to get right. This book is an effort to introduce the reader to a C++ programming language in a structured, straightforward, and friendly manner. The book teaches the basics of the modern C++ programming language, C++ Standard Library, and modern C++ standards. No previous programming experience is required.

Each section is filled with real-world examples that gradually increase in complexity. Modern C++ for Absolute Beginners teaches more than just programming in C+20. It provides a solid C+ foundation to build upon.

The author takes you through the C++ programming language, the Standard Library, and the C+11 to C+20 standard basics. Each chapter is accompanied by the right amount of theory and plenty of source code examples.

You will work with C+20 features and standards, yet you will also compare and take a look into previous versions of C+. You will do so with plenty of relevant source code examples.

You will:
-Work with the basics of C++: types, operators, variables, constants, expressions,references, functions, classes, I/O, smart pointers, polymorphism, and more

-Set up the Visual Studio environment on Windows and GCC on Linux, where you can write your own code

-Declare and define functions, classes, and objects, and organize code into namespaces

-Discover object-oriented programming: classes and objects, encapsulation,inheritance, polymorphism, and more using the most advanced C++ features

-Employ best practices in organizing source code and controlling program workflow

-Get familiar with C++ language dos and donts, and more

-Master the basics of lambdas, inheritance, polymorphism, smart pointers, templates,modules, contracts, concepts, and more


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About the authors

Slobodan Dmitrovic is a C++ software developer with a strong interest in software architecture, modern C++, research and development, and training.

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