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Python Unit Test Automation

Practical Techniques for Python Developers and Testers


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About this book


This book shows readers how to automate unit testing of Python 3 code by introducing various Python 3 automation libraries, such as doctest, unittest, nose, nose2, and pytest. 

It also explores the important concepts in software testing and their implementation in Python 3. Hands-on knowledge of the frameworks helps readers to automate, organize, and execute their unit tests for Python 3. 

Knowledge of the frameworks discussed in the book is often acquired by reading source code, manuals, and posting questions on community forums. This tends to be a slow and painful process. Python Unit Test Automation will allow readers to quickly ramp up their understanding of unit test libraries for Python 3 through the practical use of code examples and exercises. All of which makes this book a great resource for software developers and testers who want to get started with unit test automation in Python 3.


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About the authors

Ashwin Pajankar is a Polymath, Programmer, a Maker, an Author, a Youtuber, and a Science Popularizer. He graduated from IIIT Hyderabad with MTech in Computer Science and Engineering. He has keen interest in the promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. He has written multiple and published several books.

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“It provides a clear introduction to the options available for Python unit test automation, while at the same time introducing many general points about what one needs in a testing framework. For anyone who has begun writing Python programs, but is unsure about how to write automated tests for those programs, this book provides excellent guidance on how to get started.” (Computing Reviews, August, 2016)