The Basics of Financial Modeling

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About this book


Learn to create and understand financial models that assess the value of your company, the projects it undertakes, and its future earnings/profit projections. Follow this step-by-step guide organized in a quick-read format to build an accurate and effective financial model from the ground up.

In this short book, The Basics of Financial Modeling—an abridgment of the Handbook of Financial Modeling—author Jack Avon equips business professionals who are familiar with financial statements and accounting reports to become truly proficient. Based on the author's extensive experience building models in business and finance, and teaching others to do the same, this book takes you through the financial modeling process, starting with a general overview of the history and evolution of financial modeling. It then moves on to more technical topics, such as the principles of financial modeling and the proper way to approach a financial modeling assignment, before covering key application areas for modeling in Microsoft Excel.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the accounting and finance concepts that underpin working financial models
  • Approach financial issues and solutions from a modeler's perspective
  • Think about end users when developing a financial model
  • Plan, design, and build a financial model

Who This Book Is For

Beginning to intermediate modelers who wish to expand and enhance their knowledge of using Excel to build and analyze financial models

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