Current Problems in Condensed Matter

  • J. L. Morán-López

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Sören Grabowski, Jörg Schmalian, K. H. Bennemann
    Pages 1-9
  3. R. Escudero, F. Morales, A. Briggs, P. Monceau
    Pages 11-25
  4. C. I. Ventura, B. Alascio
    Pages 27-34
  5. S. Caprara, M. Avignon, O. Navarro
    Pages 35-44
  6. P. Schlottmann
    Pages 53-72
  7. O. Navarro, E. Flores, M. Avignon
    Pages 73-78
  8. K. A. Penson, A. I. Solomon
    Pages 79-85
  9. Peter Weinberger
    Pages 87-93
  10. F. Aguilera-Granja, J. A. Alonso, J. M. Montejano-Carrizales
    Pages 109-117
  11. J. M. Cabrera-Trujillo, R. Pis-Diez, J. A. Alonso, M. J. López, M. P. Iñiguez, A. Rubio
    Pages 133-141
  12. F. Aguilera-Granja, J. M. Montejano-Carrizales, J. L. Morán-López
    Pages 177-183
  13. J. Dorantes-Dávila, G. M. Pastor
    Pages 185-193
  14. M. A. Ojeda-López, J. Dorantes-Dávila, G. M. Pastor
    Pages 195-202
  15. E. López-Sandoval, F. Aguilera-Granja, J. L. Morán-López
    Pages 203-207
  16. M. Freyss, D. Stoeffler, S. Miethaner, G. Bayreuther, H. Dreyssé
    Pages 209-217
  17. S. Meza-Aguilar, F. Aguilera-Granja, J. L. Morán-López
    Pages 219-226
  18. Miguel Kiwi, Ana María Llois, Ricardo Ramírez, Mariana Weissmann
    Pages 227-238
  19. E. Muñoz Sandoval, J. Dorantes-Dávila, G. M. Pastor
    Pages 239-245
  20. U. Pal, R. Silva González, F. Donado, M. L. Hernández, J. M. Gracia-Jiménez
    Pages 255-261
  21. V. Bortolani, A. Franchini, R. F. Wallis
    Pages 263-274
  22. R. A. Barrio, Gerardo G. Naumis, Chumin Wang
    Pages 283-289
  23. J. M. Sanchez, P. J. Craievich
    Pages 301-313
  24. M. R. Beltrán, C. Wang, M. Cruz, J. Tagüeña-Martínez
    Pages 315-321
  25. Matthieu Micoulaut
    Pages 339-345
  26. E. Gómez, R. Valencia, R. Silva, F. Silva-Andrade
    Pages 347-352
  27. Back Matter
    Pages 353-358

About this book


This volume contains the papers presented at the International Workshop on the Cur­ rent Problems in Condensed Matter: Theory and Experiment, held at Cocoyoc, More­ los, Mexico, during January 5-9, 1997. The participants had come from Argentina, Austria, Chile, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, and the USA. The presentations at the Workshop provided state-of-art reviews of many of the most important problems, currently under study, in condensed matter. Equally important to all the participants in the workshop was the fact that we had come to honor a friend, Karl Heinz Bennemann, on his sixty-fifth birthday. This Festschrift is just a small measure of recognition of the intellectualleadership of Professor Bennemann in the field and equally important, as a sincere tribute to his qualities as an exceptional friend, college and mentor. Those who have had the privilege to work closely with Karl have been deeply touched by Karl's inquisitive scientific mind as well as by bis kindness and generosity.


condensed matter magnetism metals semiconductor superconductivity

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