Annals of Theoretical Psychology

Volume 2

  • Joseph R. Royce
  • Leendert P. Mos

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. 1

    1. J. Philippe Rushton
      Pages 1-48
    2. Arthur R. Jensen
      Pages 49-58
    3. Robin J. H. Russell, J. Philippe Rushton, Pamela A. Wells
      Pages 59-65
  3. 2

    1. Benjamin B. Wolman
      Pages 83-94
    2. Rudolf Ekstein
      Pages 101-104
    3. Gordon F. Derner
      Pages 105-109
    4. Benjamin B. Wolman
      Pages 111-114
  4. 3

    1. Daniel N. Robinson
      Pages 157-163
    2. William J. Baker
      Pages 165-169
  5. 4

    1. Lewis Wolfgang Brandt
      Pages 203-209
    2. Mark F. Ettin
      Pages 211-223
    3. Dirk L. Schaeffer
      Pages 225-233
    4. K. B. Madsen
      Pages 235-240
  6. 5

    1. Jan Smedslund
      Pages 241-272
    2. Herman Tennessen
      Pages 273-278
    3. K. V. Wilkes
      Pages 287-294
    4. Jan Smedslund
      Pages 295-302
  7. 6

    1. Michael E. Hyland
      Pages 303-328
    2. Joel O. Raynor
      Pages 345-354
    3. William T. Powers
      Pages 355-358
    4. Michael E. Hyland
      Pages 359-366
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 367-375

About this book


As such things happen, several manuscripts in the present volume were under review prior to the ones that appeared in Volume I of the Annals. A major difficulty encountered in the preparation of these volumes­ apart from working up to three years in advance of publication-is elic­ iting appropriate commentary. If this format is to succeed, the com­ mentary must be both engaging to the reader and satisfying to the author. It is not yet clear how successful we have been in this regard and, indeed, we do not feel bound to publish commentary with each manuscript that is accepted for publication. Nevertheless, we do invite readers' commentaries on published materials. The contributions by Jan Smedslund and Benjamin Wolman in this volume have been through an inordinately long publication lag. We have been in receipt of both manuscripts since early in 1981 and Dr. Smedslund, especially, has since clarified and advanced his views else­ where in print. K. B. Madsen and Joseph Rychlak submitted their man­ uscripts in the fall of 1981 while Michael Hyland and J. Philippe Rushton had first drafts of their manuscripts accepted for publication in the fall of 1982. We are grateful to our contributors for their expressed com­ mitment to the Annals and assure potential contributors that the delay in publication is a mere matter of getting the series off the ground.


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  • Joseph R. Royce
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  • Leendert P. Mos
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  1. 1.Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical PsychologyUniversity of AlbertaEdmontonCanada

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