Validation and Verification of Knowledge Based Systems

Theory, Tools and Practice

  • Anca Vermesan
  • Frans Coenen

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-10
  2. Theory and Techniques

    1. Mieczyslaw L. Owoc, Malgorzata Ochmanska, Tomasz Gladysz
      Pages 25-35
    2. Luis M. Laita, Víctor Maojo, Luis de Ledesma, Eugenio Roanes-Lozano
      Pages 53-65
    3. Silvie Spreeuwenberg, Rik Gerrits
      Pages 67-78
    4. Juliette Dibie-Barthélemy, Ollivier Haemmerlé, Stéphane Loiseau
      Pages 79-91
  3. Ontologies

    1. Trevor J. M. Bench-Capon, Dean M. Jones
      Pages 93-112
  4. Safety critical KBS

  5. Knowledge Revision and Refinement

    1. Robin Boswell, Susan Craw
      Pages 149-161
    2. F. Dupin de Saint-Cyr, S. Loiseau
      Pages 163-176
    3. Jan Vanthienen, Ana María Moreno García
      Pages 177-191
    4. Nirmalie Wiratunga, Susan Craw
      Pages 193-205
  6. Applications

  7. Certification

    1. Anca Vermesan, Per Martinsen, Jarle Sjøvaag, Keith Bell
      Pages 277-295
  8. The wider picture

About this book


Knowledge-based (KB) technology is being applied to complex problem-solving and critical tasks in many application domains. Concerns have naturally arisen as to the dependability of knowledge-based systems (KBS). As with any software, attention to quality and safety must be paid throughout development of a KBS and rigorous verification and validation (V&V) techniques must be employed. Research in V&V of KBS has emerged as a distinct field only in the last decade and is intended to address issues associated with quality and safety aspects of KBS and to credit such applications with the same degree of dependability as conventional applications. In recent years, V&V of KBS has been the topic of annual workshops associated with the main AI conferences, such as AAAI, IJACI and ECAI.
Validation and Verification of Knowledge Based Systems contains a collection of papers, dealing with all aspects of KBS V&V, presented at the Fifth European Symposium on Verification and Validation of Knowledge Based Systems and Components (EUROVAV'99 - which was held in Oslo in the summer of 1999, and was sponsored by Det Norske Veritas and the British Computer Society's Specialist Group on Expert Systems (SGES).


database expert system formal method knowledge base knowledge-based system knowledge-based systems ontology software verification verification

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  • Anca Vermesan
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  • Frans Coenen
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  1. 1.Det Norske VeritasNorway
  2. 2.University of LiverpoolUK

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