Principles of Diabetes Mellitus

  • Leonid Poretsky

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-17
  2. The Main Events in the History of Diabetes Mellitus

    1. Jacek Zajac, Anil Shrestha, Leonid Poretsky
      Pages 19-37
  3. Physiology of Glucose Metabolism

    1. John E. Gerich, Steven D. Wittlin, Christian Meyer
      Pages 39-56
    2. Theodore P. Ciaraldi
      Pages 79-94
  4. Diagnosis and Epidemiology of Diabetes

  5. Genes and diabetes

    1. Ken C. Chiu, Dorothy S. Martinez
      Pages 123-137
    2. Martin Haluzik, Marc L. Reitman
      Pages 139-151
  6. Diabetes Syndromes

    1. Adina E. Schneider, Elliot J. Rayfield
      Pages 221-233
    2. Tamer N. Sargios, Adrienne M. Fleckman
      Pages 235-252
    3. George Grunberger, Hisham Alrefai
      Pages 253-272
  7. Complications of Diabetes

    1. Christian Meyer, Steven D. Wittlin, John E. Gerich
      Pages 293-316
    2. Joseph A. Murphy, Firas M. Rahhal
      Pages 329-352
    3. Jordan L. Rosenstock, Gerald B. Appel
      Pages 353-365
    4. Russell Chin, Michael Rubin
      Pages 367-384
    5. Jennifer K. Svahn
      Pages 385-394
    6. Dennis Shavelson
      Pages 395-415
    7. Albert C. Leung, Arnold Melman
      Pages 417-437
    8. Christine L. Frissora, Ira M. Jacobson
      Pages 439-458
    9. Ellen S. Marmur, Fiona R. Pasternack, Matthew C. Varghese
      Pages 473-490
  8. Therapy of Diabetes Mellitus

    1. David J. Brillon
      Pages 491-506
    2. Maria A. Mendoza, Elizabeth A. Walker
      Pages 507-527
    3. Gladys Witt Strain
      Pages 529-542
    4. Stephen H. Schneider, Rajiv Bhambri
      Pages 543-567
    5. Andrew J. Drexler, Carolyn Robertson
      Pages 569-591
    6. Zachary Bloomgarden
      Pages 593-618
    7. Zachary Bloomgarden, Alina Gouller
      Pages 619-638
    8. Katie Weinger, Garry W. Welch, Alan M. Jacobson
      Pages 639-653
  9. Related Disorders

    1. William C. Hsu, Christos S. Mantzoros
      Pages 655-669
    2. Samy I. McFarlane, Amal F. Farag, James R. Sowers
      Pages 671-683
    3. Jennifer E. Liu, Richard B. Devereux
      Pages 685-700
    4. Susan B. Zweig, Marsha C. Tolentino, Leonid Poretsky
      Pages 701-721
    5. Rochelle L. Chaiken
      Pages 723-737
  10. Diabetes Prevention

    1. Asha Thomas-Geevarghese, Kevan C. Herold
      Pages 739-758
  11. Resources for Patients with Diabetes

    1. Eileen Reilly, Laura Ronen, Mary Beyreuther
      Pages 759-770
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 771-784

About this book


Diabetes mellitus is a very common disease which affects approximately 150,000,000 worldwide. With its prevalence rising rapidly, diabetes continues to mystify and fascinate both practitioners and investigators by its elusive causes and multitude of

This textbook is written for endocrinologists, specialists in other disciplines who treat diabetic patients, primary care physicians, housestaff and medical students. It covers, in a concise and clear manner, all aspects of the disease, from its pathogenesis on the molecular and cellular levels to its most modern therapy.


Diabetes Diabetes mellitus Insulin Secretion diagnosis homeostasis insulin insulin resistance metabolism obesity physiology therapy

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