Cellular Neural Networks and Analog VLSI

  • Leon O. Chua
  • Glenn Gulak
  • Edmund Pierzchala
  • Angel Rodríguez-Vázquez

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-2
  2. Mario Salerno, Fausto Sargeni, Vincenzo Bonaiuto
    Pages 15-26
  3. Peter R. Kinget, Michiel Steyaert
    Pages 27-38
  4. Mancia Anguita, Francisco J. Pelayo, Eduardo Ros, David Palomar, Alberto Prieto
    Pages 39-51
  5. Michelle Yibing Wang, Bing J. Sheu, Theodore W. Berger, Wayne C. Young, Austin Kwang-Bo Cho
    Pages 53-66
  6. Howard C. Card, Dean K. McNeill, Christian R. Schneider
    Pages 67-90
  7. Yasushi Yuminaka, Yoshisato Sasaki, Takafumi Aoki, Tatsuo Higuchi
    Pages 91-103

About this book


Cellular Neural Networks and Analog VLSI brings together in one place important contributions and up-to-date research results in this fast moving area.
Cellular Neural Networks and Analog VLSI serves as an excellent reference, providing insight into some of the most challenging research issues in the field.


Signal VLSI analog computer network networks neural networks

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  • Angel Rodríguez-Vázquez
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