Pulmonary Pathology

  • David H. Dail
  • Samuel P. Hammar

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. David H. Dail
    Pages 1-19
  3. Nai-San Wang
    Pages 21-44
  4. J. Linder, J. H. Sisson
    Pages 45-56
  5. Jeffrey L. Myers, Thomas V. Colby, Samuel A. Yousem
    Pages 57-77
  6. David H. Dail
    Pages 79-119
  7. David H. Dail
    Pages 121-153
  8. J. Thomas Stocker
    Pages 155-190
  9. J. Thomas Stocker, Louis P. Dehner
    Pages 191-254
  10. Washington C. Winn Jr., Francis W. Chandler
    Pages 255-330
  11. Ralph H. Hruban, Grover M. Hutchins
    Pages 331-350
  12. Francis W. Chandler, John C. Watts
    Pages 351-427
  13. Washington C. Winn Jr., David H. Walker
    Pages 429-464
  14. Richard E. Sobonya
    Pages 475-489
  15. J. Kevin Baird, Ronald C. Neafie, Aileen M. Marty
    Pages 491-536
  16. David H. Dail
    Pages 537-566
  17. Samuel P. Hammar
    Pages 597-614
  18. Y. Rosen
    Pages 615-645
  19. Samuel P. Hammar
    Pages 647-678
  20. J. T. Lie
    Pages 679-705
  21. David H. Dail
    Pages 707-777
  22. Rodney A. Schmidt
    Pages 779-805
  23. Dean W. Chamberlain
    Pages 807-829
  24. Russell A. Harley Jr.
    Pages 831-845
  25. Philip C. Pratt
    Pages 847-865
  26. Victor L. Roggli, John D. Shelburne
    Pages 867-900
  27. Samuel P. Hammar, Ronald F. Dodson
    Pages 901-983
  28. C. A. Wagenvoort, W. J. Mooi
    Pages 985-1025
  29. William D. Travis, Michael N. Koss
    Pages 1027-1095
  30. Thomas V. Colby
    Pages 1097-1122
  31. Samuel P. Hammar
    Pages 1123-1278
  32. David H. Dail
    Pages 1279-1461
  33. Samuel P. Hammar
    Pages 1463-1579
  34. David H. Dail
    Pages 1581-1615
  35. Back Matter
    Pages 1617-1640

About this book


The first edition of Pulmonary Pathology was dedicated to Vascular Diseases. Vasculitis is so complex as to con­ two giants in the field, Drs. Averill Liebow and Herbert tinue to warrant a separate chapter. Spencer. The current edition is dedicated to all those Each chapter has been updated and revised. Exten­ who have contributed and are contributing to the field, sive expansion has occurred in Bacterial Infections, Rheumatic Connective Tissue Diseases, Asbestos, those whose individual contributions and queries create its rich fabric. It is our pleasure and honor to summarize Vasculitis, Common Neoplasms, Uncommon Lung the work of many of these individuals. Tumors and Pleural Diseases. Despite feeling these Changes since the first edition have been significant. were moderately complete in the first edition, among New entities are discussed, further elaboration offered, them there has been a 56% increase in illustrations, a and adjustments made to those in the first edition. In 91 % increase in text, and a 160% increase in references. response to our readers' requests, we have added some In Uncommon Lung Tumors alone, there are about new chapters. Lung Defenses have been added as 500 new references, 100 new illustrations, and discus­ Chapter 3. Some authors have asked, How do we sion of 16 additional entities. Updated critical review of begin? Chapter 4, Common Pathways and Patterns of the vast literature on Common Neoplasms has been Injury, discusses this.


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  1. 1.Department of PathologyThe Virginia Mason ClinicSeattleUSA
  2. 2.Diagnostic Specialties LaboratoryBremertonUSA

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