Optical Metrology for Fluids, Combustion and Solids

  • Carolyn R. Mercer

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Fluid Diagnostics

    1. Leonard M. Weinstein, Gary S. Settles
      Pages 1-36
    2. James D. Trolinger
      Pages 37-68
    3. Mark P. Wernet
      Pages 69-104
    4. Richard G. Seasholtz, Jayanta Panda, Kristie A. Elam
      Pages 105-132
  3. Combustion Diagnostics

    1. William D. Bachalo, Subramanian V. Sankar
      Pages 133-173
    2. Randy J. Locke, Yolanda R. Hicks, Robert C. Anderson
      Pages 175-208
    3. Mark G. Allen, Shawn D. Wehe
      Pages 209-220
    4. Gregory J. Smallwood, William D. Bachalo, Subramanian V. Sankar
      Pages 221-257
  4. Solid Surface Diagnostics

    1. James H. Bell, Timothy J. Bencic
      Pages 259-296
    2. Daniel Ng
      Pages 297-322
    3. Jonathan W. Naughton
      Pages 323-349
    4. Eric Udd, Whitten Schulz, Katy Davol, Marley Kunzler
      Pages 351-382
    5. Gary A. Fleming
      Pages 383-418
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 447-459

About this book


Optical Metrology for Fluids, Combustion and Solids is the first practical handbook that presents the assemblage of the techniques necessary to provide a basic understanding of optical measurement for fluids, combustion, and solids. The use of light as a measurement tool has grown over the past twenty years from a narrowly specialized activity to a mainstay of modern research today. Until recently, the knowledge that could be extracted from the light interaction of light with physical objects was limited to specialized activities. The invention of the laser, the computer and microelectronics has enabled a measurement revolution such that virtually every parameter of engineering interest can be measured using the minimally intrusive properties of light.
The authors of this book's chapters are leaders in this revolution. They work on the front lines of research in government, industry, and universities, inventing yet more ways to harness the power of light for the generation of knowledge.


Particle Image Velocimetry deformation imaging interferometry laser

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