Pediatric Nuclear Medicine

  • S. T. Treves

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. S. T. Treves, John A. Kirkpatrick
    Pages 1-48
  3. S. T. Treves
    Pages 59-62
  4. S. T. Treves, Robert L. Lebowitz, Alvin Kuruc, Sydney Heyman, Paul Rosen
    Pages 63-103
  5. U. V. Willi, S. T. Treves
    Pages 105-120
  6. George Taylor, S. T. Treves
    Pages 121-128
  7. S. T. Treves, John A. Markisz
    Pages 129-140
  8. S. T. Treves
    Pages 141-156
  9. S. T. Treves, Alun Jones
    Pages 157-170
  10. Paul Rosen, S. T. Treves
    Pages 171-177
  11. S. T. Treves, Richard Grand
    Pages 179-189
  12. S. T. Treves, Reed Larsen, Roger Pezzuti
    Pages 191-204
  13. S. T. Treves, Roy L. Strand, Robert K. Crone, Annalise Lipp
    Pages 205-222
  14. S. T. Treves, Keasley Welch, Alvin Kuruc
    Pages 223-231
  15. Sydney Heyman, James A. Katowitz
    Pages 233-243
  16. S. T. Treves, Roger Hurwitz, Alvin Kuruc, H. W. Strauss
    Pages 245-287
  17. S. T. Treves, G. B. C. Harris
    Pages 289-330
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 331-338

About this book


This book comes at a good time. The differentiation of pediatric nuclear medicine from the general practice of nuclear medicine has developed over the past 15 years and is now a reality. Dr. Treves has been one of a small band of pediatric specialists who have made this happen. He recounts the reasons for this in his introduction-the development of technetium-99m­ labeled radiopharmaceuticals making possible the use of these procedures in nonmalignant diseases, the appreciation that infants and children require special techniques and adapted technology, the availability of computer methods for handling the dynamic data of pediatric cardiology and urology, and the difference in the spectrum of disease seen in the pediatric versus the adult nuclear medicine clinic. The book is a compendium of a single-person's experience, rather than the amalgam generally found in a multiauthored work. In a sense this is atavistic, but it provides the old-fashioned comfort of a coherent and per­ sonal approach. Its success is due largely to Dr. Treves' broad experience and his special talent for describing each test in relation to this experience. It is probably aided by the relatively recent emergence of pediatric nuclear medicine as a special activity and follows in the footsteps of other volumes on the pediatric subspecialties that have taken off from general adult prac­ tice in the past.


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