The (p,n) Reaction and the Nucleon-Nucleon Force

  • Charles D. Goodman
  • Sam M. Austin
  • Stewart D. Bloom
  • J. Rapaport
  • G. R. Satchler

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Derivation of the Effective from the Free Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction

  3. Nuclear Structure Effects

  4. More on Effective Interactions, Sensitivity Studies, Meson Probes

  5. Experimental Techniques and Facilities. Reaction Comparisons

  6. The (p,n) Reaction Below 100 MeV

    1. V. A. Madsen, V. R. Brown
      Pages 433-449
    2. Richard L. Walter, Roger C. Byrd
      Pages 469-480
    3. Roger C. Byrd, Richard L. Walter, Steve R. Cotanch
      Pages 481-489
  7. The Broad Picture

  8. Back Matter
    Pages 529-539

About this book


This volume contains the proceedings of the "Conference on the (p,n) Reaction and the Nucleon-Nucleon Force" held in Telluride, Colorado, March 29-31, 1979. The idea to hold this conference grew out of a program at the Indiana University Cyclotron Facility to study the (p,n) reaction in the 50-200 MeV energy range. The first new Indiana data, in contrast to low energy data, showed features suggestive of a dominant one pion exchange interaction. It seemed desir­ able to review what was known about the fre·e and the effective nucleon-nucleon force and the connection between the low and high energy (p,n) data. Thus the conference was born. The following people served as the organizing committee: S. M. Austin, Michigan State University W. Bertozzi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology S. D. Bloom, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory C. C. Foster, Indiana University C. D. Goodman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Conference Chairman) D. A. Lind, University of Colorado J. Rapaport, Ohio University G. R. Satch1er, Oak Ridge National Laboratory G. E. Walker, Indiana University R. L. Walter, Duke University and TUNL The sponsoring organizations were: Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory, Durham, North Carolina Of course, the major credit for the success of the con­ ference must go to the speakers who diligently prepared their talks that are reproduced in this volume.


Cross section Exchange interaction cyclotron energy hadron neutron nucleon scattering

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