Crystalline Electric Field Effects in f-Electron Magnetism

  • Robert P. Guertin
  • Wojciech Suski
  • Zygmunt Zołnierek

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Singlet Ground State

    1. A. K. Bhattacharjee, B. Coqblin
      Pages 1-12
    2. F. J. A. M. Greidanus, L. J. De Jongh, W. J. Huiskamp, A. Furrer, K. H. J. Buschow
      Pages 13-24
    3. E. Leyarovski, L. Leyarovska, Chr. Popov, N. Iliev
      Pages 41-55
    4. K. A. McEwen, W. G. Stirling, C. Vettier
      Pages 57-68
    5. W. Matz, B. Lippold, E. A. Goremychkin, A. Andreeff, H. Greissman, T. Frauenheim
      Pages 69-82
    6. A. Loidl, K. Knorr, C. Vettier
      Pages 83-88
    7. H. Müller, E. Hegenbarth, W. Matz, E. Mrosan, A. Schmeltzer
      Pages 89-93
    8. M. Kasaya, K. Takegahara, A. Yanase, T. Kasuya
      Pages 95-99
  3. Resonance Spectroscopy, Neutron Scattering

    1. H. Wehr, K. Knorr, F. N. Gygax, A. Schenck, W. Studer
      Pages 137-147
    2. J. Zukrowski, G. A. Stewart, G. Kalkowski, G. Wortmann, G. Wiesinger
      Pages 149-156
    3. C. Rettori, E. Weber, G. E. Barberis, J. P. Donoso, F. C. Gandra
      Pages 163-170
    4. G. Feller, A. Frieser, B. Lippold, M. Mühle
      Pages 171-176
    5. M. Piotrowski
      Pages 177-183
    6. W. Wegener, A. Furrer, W. Buhrer, S. Hautecler
      Pages 185-190
  4. Theory

  5. Lattice Effects

    1. B. Lüthi, M. Niksch, R. Takke, W. Assmus, W. Grill
      Pages 233-243
    2. G. A. Stewart
      Pages 245-248
    3. G. Creuzet, I. A. Campbell
      Pages 267-274
  6. Tetragonal Materials

    1. W. Schlabitz, J. Baumann, G. Neumann, D. Plümacher, K. Reggentin
      Pages 289-299
    2. M. Kolenda, A. Szytuła, A. Zygmunt
      Pages 309-317
    3. Glen Alan Stewart, Jan Zukrowski
      Pages 319-325
    4. J. Leciejewicz, S. Siek, A. Szytuła, A. Zygmunt
      Pages 327-332
    5. N. Rüßmann, H. U. Häfner, D. Wohlleben
      Pages 333-340
  7. Cerium Compounds

    1. F. Steglich, K. H. Wienand, W. Klämke, S. Horn, W. Lieke
      Pages 341-355
    2. Takashi Suzuki, Hideaki Kitazawa, Masafumi Sera, Isamu Oguro, Hiroshi Shida, Akira Yanase et al.
      Pages 357-366
    3. K. Takegahara, H. Takahashi, A. Yanase, T. Kasuya
      Pages 367-379
    4. H. Bartholin, J. M. Effantin, P. Burlet, J. Rossat-Mignodt, O. Vogt
      Pages 393-399
    5. H. Wehr, K. Knorr, A. P. Murani, W. Assmus
      Pages 401-406
    6. Y. Lassailly, A. K. Bhattacharjee, B. Coqblin
      Pages 407-413
    7. Tetsuo Nakajima, Takashi Suzuki, Masafumi Sera, Tadao Kasuya
      Pages 415-421
    8. R. M. Galera, A. P. Murani, J. Pierre
      Pages 423-429
  8. Rare Earth Metallic and Semi-Metallic Compounds

    1. G. K. Shenoy, G. W. Crabtree, D. Niarchos, F. Behroozi, B. D. Dunlap, D. Hinks et al.
      Pages 431-441

About this book


The present conference, the fourth successive on this subject, was organized to commemorate the 75th birthday of Professor Wtodzimierz Trzebiatowski, one of the pioneers in the field of f-electron materials structure, particularly in the magnetism of actinides. This volume contains 64 papers presented at the conference held in Wroctaw, Poland, September 22-25, 1981. Twenty-one were invited talks. About 100 participants from 13 countries attended the meeting during four days of lecture presentation (note these two numbers have been constant for the last two conferences). The conference consisted of sessions devoted to the investigation of crystalline electric fields and structural effects by spectroscopic techniques, neutron diffraction, magnetic, thermodynamic and electrical measurements all over broad temperature, magnetic field and pressure ranges. Materials investigated included rare earth intermetallics, hydrides, diluted systems and actinides, and among them some exhibited singlet ground state behavior. The experimental results were supplemented by theory. It is our pleasure to mention those persons who helped us make the conference successful. The International Advisory Com­ mittee included W.J.L. Buyers, B.R. Cooper, J.E. Crow, P. Fulde, A. Furrer, T. Kasuya, L. Kowalewski, G.R. Lander, R. Lemaire and D. Wohlleben. We thank them for valuable suggestions concerning invited speakers. We also wish to thank the co-workers of the In­ stitute for Low Temperature and Structure Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Wroclaw, especially A. Baran, M. Grzebyk, K.


crystal magnetic field magnetism neutron diffraction

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  • Robert P. Guertin
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  • Wojciech Suski
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  • Zygmunt Zołnierek
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  2. 2.Polish Academy of SciencesWrocławPoland

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