High Performance Clock Distribution Networks

  • Eby G. Friedman

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-iv
  2. L. Benini, P. Vuillod, A. Bogliolo, G. De Micheli
    Pages 5-18
  3. Hong-Yean Hsieh, Wentai Liu, Paul Franzon, Ralph Cavin III
    Pages 19-35
  4. Joe Gufeng Xi, Wayne Wei-Ming Dai
    Pages 51-67
  5. Shantanu Ganguly, Daksh Lehther, Satyamurthy Pullela
    Pages 69-77
  6. D. J. Hathaway, R. R. Habra, E. C. Schanzenbach, S. J. Rothman
    Pages 79-86
  7. Andrew B. Kahng, C.-W. Albert Tsao
    Pages 87-103
  8. Keith M. Carrig, Albert M. Chu, Frank D. Ferraiolo, John G. Petrovick, P. Andrew Scott, Richard J. Weiss
    Pages 105-112
  9. Stuart K. Tewksbury, Lawrence A. Hornak
    Pages 113-134
  10. Kris Gaj, Eby G. Friedman, Marc J. Feldman
    Pages 135-164

About this book


A number of fundamental topics in the field of high performance clock distribution networks is covered in this book. High Performance Clock Distribution Networks is composed of ten contributions from authors at academic and industrial institutions. Topically, these contributions can be grouped within three primary areas. The first topic area deals with exploiting the localized nature of clock skew. The second topic area deals with the implementation of these clock distribution networks, while the third topic area considers more long-range aspects of next-generation clock distribution networks.
High Performance Clock Distribution Networks presents a number of interesting strategies for designing and building high performance clock distribution networks. Many aspects of the ideas presented in these contributions are being developed and applied today in next-generation high-performance microprocessors.


circuit design integrated circuit microprocessor network

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