Photosynthetic Carbon Assimilation

  • Harold W. Siegelman
  • Geoffrey Hind

Part of the Basic Life Sciences book series (BLSC, volume 11)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Introduction

  3. Control of Carbon Assimilation

    1. D. A. Walker, S. P. Robinson
      Pages 43-59
    2. James A. Bassham, Sheryl Krohne, Klaus Lendzian
      Pages 77-93
    3. Richard G. Jensen, Richard C. Sicher Jr., James T. Bahr
      Pages 95-112
  4. Agronomic and Environmental Studies of RuBP Carboxylase

  5. Structure and Function of RuBP Carboxylase

    1. Christian Paech, Stephen D. McCurry, John Pierce, N. E. Tolbert
      Pages 227-243
    2. Fred C. Hartman, I. Lucile Norton, Claude D. Stringer, John V. Schloss
      Pages 245-269
    3. David Eisenberg, T. S. Baker, S. W. Suh, W. W. Smith
      Pages 271-281
    4. George H. Lorimer, Murray R. Badger, Hans W. Heldt
      Pages 283-306
  6. Molecular Biology of RuBP Carboxylase

  7. Back Matter
    Pages 399-445

About this book


The photosynthetic fixation of carbon dioxide into organic compounds is mediated by the enzyme ribulose 1,S-bisphosphate (RuBP) carboxylase. The diversity of current research on this protein attests to its central role in biomass productivity, and suggests the importance of a timely and broadly based review. This Symposium was the first devoted exclusively to RuBP carboxylase and was attended by agronomists, plant physiologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, and crystallographers. Special efforts were made to involve young scientists in addition to established investigators. It is a pleasure to acknowledge financial support provided by the Department of Energy, the United States Department of Agricul­ ture, and the National Science Foundation, and the valued assistance of agency representatives, Drs. Joe Key, Robert Rabson, Elijah Romanoff, and Donald Senich. Thanks are due to Mrs. Margaret Dienes, without whose editorial skills this volume could not have been produced, and to Mrs. Helen Kondratuk as Symposium Coordinator. Finally, we wish to record our indebtedness to Dr. Alexander Hollaender for his tireless efforts in support of all aspects of this Symposium.


Assimilat bacteria biology carbon carbon dioxide chloroplast molecular biology mutation photosynthesis plant plants respiration tobacco

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