Electrical Properties of Solids

Surface Preparation and Methods of Measurement

  • T. F. Connolly

Part of the Solid State Physics Literature Guides book series (SSPLG)

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Since 1963 the Research Materials Information Center has been answering inquiries on the availability, preparation, and properties of ultrapure inorganic research specimens. It has been possible to do this with reasonable efficiency by searching an automated coded microfilm collection of the report and open literature and of data sheets and question­ naires provided by commercial and research producers of pure materials. With the growth of the collection to over 70,000 documents and the increase in the demand for more general background information, it has been necessary to compile bibliographies on an increasing variety of subjects. These have been used as indexes to the microfilmed documents for more efficient searching, and in the past distributed in response to individual requests. However, their size and number no longer permit so casual and uneconomic a method of distribution. The "ORNL Solid State Physics Literature Guides" is a practical alternative. Organization The subject organization of the bibliography is given by the Table of Contents. Each section is preceded by a collection of reviews, bibliographies, and "general" papers (i.e., those dealing with methods or equipment rather than single materials, or with such a wide variety of materials that no subsection was appropriate). Coverage is generally from 1960 to mid-1970. Emphasis is on inorganic materials.


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