A Molecular Perspective

  • T. Norman Palmer

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 206)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Michael J. Hardman, Rachel A. Page, Mark S. Wiseman, Kathryn E. Crow
    Pages 27-33
  3. Mario Umberto Dianzani
    Pages 35-44
  4. Emanuelle Albano, Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg, A. Tomasi, G. Poli
    Pages 45-56
  5. Samuel W. French, H. Kawahara, M. Cadrin
    Pages 89-93
  6. Regina Pietruszko, Gloria Kurys, Wojciech Ambroziak
    Pages 101-106
  7. M. Dolors Boleda, Pere Julià, Alberto Moreno, Narcís Saubi, Xavier Parés
    Pages 107-114
  8. P. Pappas, V. Vasiliou, M. Karageorgou, M. Marselos
    Pages 115-120
  9. Roberta Ward, Andrew Macpherson, Margaret Warren-Perry, Vibha Dave, Lily Hsu, Akira Yoshida et al.
    Pages 139-143
  10. O. M. Lesch, H. Walter, W. Bonte, J. Grunberger, M. Musalek, R. Sprung
    Pages 145-160
  11. Boris Tabakoff, Paula L. Hoffman
    Pages 167-174
  12. Boris Tabakoff, Paula L. Hoffman
    Pages 175-181
  13. H. J. Little, J. M. Littleton
    Pages 183-196
  14. P. Verbanck, J. Scuvée, I. Giesbers, C. Kornreich, A. Dresse
    Pages 211-216
  15. T. Norman Palmer, Elisabeth B. Cook, Paul G. Drake
    Pages 223-235
  16. Victor R. Preedy, Tahir Siddiq, Elisabeth Cook, Darcey Black, T. Norman Palmer, Timothy J. Peters
    Pages 253-267
  17. Roger F. Butterworth, Monique D’Amour, Julie Bruneau, Maryse Héroux, Suzanne Brissette
    Pages 269-273
  18. Helmut K. Seitz, Ulrich A. Simanowski
    Pages 275-296
  19. R. Cardin, M. Zordan, F. Farinati, R. Naccarato, A. G. Levis
    Pages 303-307
  20. Ulrich A. Simanowski, Burkhard Kommerell, Helmut K. Seitz
    Pages 309-316
  21. Timothy J. Peters, Victor R. Preedy
    Pages 317-324
  22. Thomas R. Jerrells
    Pages 325-330
  23. Jean-Pierre von Wartburg, Charles S. Lieber, Ting-Kai Li, Yedy Israel, Helmut K. Seitz, Otto Michel Lesch
    Pages 331-356
  24. Back Matter
    Pages 357-366

About this book


This book contains selected proceedings from the NATO Advanced Study Institute (AS I) "The Molecular Pathology of Alcoholism" held at the Hotel Il Ciocco in Tuscany during 26th August - 6th September 1990. Alcoholism remains one of the most challenging problems in medical care, with far-reaching medical, social and economic consequences. For example in the U. S. , estimates indicate that 18 million people have a serious drinking problem and that the total cost to the economy of alcohol abuse is $117 billion. Treatment of alcohol dependence and other alcohol-related disorders accounts for almost 15% of the total health bill of the United States. Despite the scale of the medical problem, biomedical research on alcoholism remains something of a 'Cinderella science'. Research funding from government and other bodies is relatively poor and the number of medical scientists working in the field remains small. The Organizing Committee for this NATO ASI, comprising Charles Lieber (New York), Timothy Peters (London), Mario Dianzani (Torino), Emanuele Albano (Torino) and Norman Palmer (perth, Director), were therefore particularly grateful to the NATO Scientific Affairs Division for their active support of this AS I, the first dealing with a topic related to alcohol abuse. We moreover hope that this support will continue. The theme of the ASI was an in depth discussion of the molecular events initiated by alcohol abuse that culminate in onset of alcohol-related disease.


Calcium Pathogene calcium channels enzymes metabolism

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