Recent Advances in Biological Membrane Studies

Structure and Biogenesis Oxidation and Energetics

  • Lester Packer

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 91)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages N1-x
  2. Structure and Biogensis

    1. R. J. P. Williams
      Pages 17-28
    2. Karel W. A. Wirtz, Anton J. W. G. Visser, Jos A. F. Op den Kamp, Ben Roelofsen, L. L. M. van Deenen
      Pages 29-43
    3. Alexandre T. Quintanilha
      Pages 57-64
    4. Lester Packer, Rolf J. Mehlhorn
      Pages 75-96
    5. Leonor Cruzeiro, Kelo M. C. Da Silva
      Pages 165-178
    6. Roland Douce, Jacques Joyard, Albert-Jean Dorne, Maryse A. Block
      Pages 179-203
    7. George Akoyunoglou, Joan Argyroudi-Akoyunoglou
      Pages 205-236
    8. Roland Douce, Richard Bligny, Etienne-Pascal Journet, Michel Neuberger
      Pages 237-257
  3. Oxidations

  4. Energetics

    1. G. C. Papageorgiou, K. Kalosaka, T. Lagoyanni, G. Sotiropoulou
      Pages 369-391
    2. Rita Casadio, Giovanni Venturoli, B. Andrea Melandri
      Pages 409-424
    3. Guy Brown
      Pages 463-477
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 547-554

About this book


A NATO Advanced Study Institute on "New Developments and Methods in Membrane Research and Biological Energy Transduction" was held in order to consider some of the most recent developments in membrane research methodologies and results, with particular emphasis on studies of biological energy transduction. The partic­ ipants in the Institute dealt with three general areas of membrane study: membrane structure (with emphasis on lipid and protein components), membrane component assembly (with particular emphasis on mitochondria and chloroplasts), and the specialized functions of certain membrane systems. This last area included discussions of topics such as drug transformation, the role of membrane electron transport in the generation of oxygen radicals, the effect of oxygen radicals on cellular homeostasis and on the structure, organization and function of the acetylcholine receptor. Lectures and posters were concerned with two central questions: what is the function of membrane structure in energy transduction and how can energy trans­ duction be effectively measured and assessed? This text presents the content of the major lectures and important posters presented during the Institute's program. In issuing this book, the editor hopes to convey the proceedings of the Institute to a larger audi­ ence and to offer a comprehensive account of those developments in membrane research that were considered on the Island of Spetsai between August 16 and August 29, 1984. L. Packer Berkeley, California February 1985 v CONTENTS I. STRUCTURE AND BIOGENSIS Membrane Structure: Neutron Diffraction and Small Angle Scattering Studies •••••••••• 1 G.


Chloroplast Lipid mitochondria protein receptor

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