Modern Trends in Hypnosis

  • David Waxman
  • Prem C. Misra
  • Michael Gibson
  • M. Anthony Basker

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Special Addresses

  3. Behavior in Hypnosis

    1. Andre M. Weitzenhoffer
      Pages 67-87
    2. Eva I. Bányai, István Mészáros, László Csókay
      Pages 97-108
    3. Helen J. Crawford, Steven N. Allen
      Pages 119-130
  4. Electrophysiological Studies

  5. Self Hypnosis

    1. Erika Fromm
      Pages 209-214
    2. Erika Fromm, Andrew M. Boxer, Daniel P. Brown
      Pages 215-222
    3. G. P. Davidson, N. D. Garbett, S. G. Tozer
      Pages 223-233
    4. R. Van Dyck, Ph. Spinhoven, J. Commandeur
      Pages 235-245
  6. Hypnosis and the Alleviation of Pain

    1. Paul Sacerdote
      Pages 249-258
    2. G. Guerra, G. Guantieri, F. Tagliaro
      Pages 259-266
  7. Hypnosis and Addictive Behavior

  8. Hypnosis and Psychosexual Problems

    1. Prem C. Misra
      Pages 291-295
    2. K. Fuchs, I. Zaidise, B. A. Peretz, E. Paldi
      Pages 297-305
  9. The Use of Hypnosis in Criminology

  10. Hypnosis and Anxiety

  11. Case Histories

    1. Alberta Bottoli, Gualtiero Guantieri, Vincenzo Azzini
      Pages 379-383
    2. Andrea Gambacciani, Gualtiero Guantieri
      Pages 385-390
  12. Some Uses of Hypnosis in Dentistry

  13. Back Matter
    Pages 421-429

About this book


The 9th International Congress of Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine expresses the continuity in the effort to gain scientific knowledge of hypnosis and scientific status for it, ever since the 1st International Congress for Experimental and Therapeutic Hypnotism was held in Paris in 1889, attended by many of the best-remembered psychiatrists and psychologists of the day - men such as Babinski, Bernheim, Binet, Delboeuf, Freud, James, Lombroso, F. W. H. Myers, Ribot, and many others. The continuity was broken by the period of reduced interest in hypnosis between the time of the 2nd Inter­ national Congress for Hypnotism in Paris in 1900, and the revival of interest shown by the 3rd International Congress for Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine in Paris in 1965. Since then, the Congresses have met more regularly, making the one of which this is the report, the 9th. The programs of these Congresses have become increasingly rich through the years, with many of the older problems still with us but now studied more dispassionately in the light of new knowledge and new scientific methods in the design of investigations and the vali­ dation of scientific findings.


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