Social Psychiatry

  • Vladimir Hudolin

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  2. Vladimir Hudolin
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  3. Jules H. Masserman
    Pages 23-25
  4. Jules H. Masserman
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  5. Jules H. Masserman
    Pages 49-65
  6. Norman Rosenzweig
    Pages 67-75
  7. Jules H. Masserman
    Pages 93-114
  8. Jules H. Masserman
    Pages 115-128
  9. Pavlos Kymissis
    Pages 151-163
  10. Jane Pearce
    Pages 223-229
  11. Hannu Naukkarinen
    Pages 231-236
  12. Hannu Naukkarinen
    Pages 237-241
  13. F. Knobloch, J. Knobloch
    Pages 243-254
  14. I. Fazekas, L. Döme, Gy. Altomare
    Pages 263-266
  15. Josephine Mary Lomax-Simpson
    Pages 267-271
  16. Ilse Vivien Colett
    Pages 273-281
  17. Prem C. Misra, J. Cameron
    Pages 291-296
  18. Prem C. Misra
    Pages 297-300
  19. M. Madianos, E. Lykouras, G. Papadimitriou, A. Martinos, C. Stefanis
    Pages 349-359
  20. I. Pátkai, M. Jenöné, G. Arató
    Pages 361-370
  21. L. Döme, I. Fazekas, Gy. Altomare
    Pages 371-374
  22. K. J. Alderman, J. M. C. Holden, E. G. L. Lucas, C. J. Mackay
    Pages 375-382
  23. J. Tzankov, M. Atanassov
    Pages 409-423
  24. W. Schöny, G. Hotmann, M. Sommereder
    Pages 425-432

About this book


It is becoming more and more difficult to publish papers from international and world scientific meetings. The causes are partly financial; in addition the number of meetings held is so large that it is impossible to find the necessary time for the enormous amount of work involved in preparing and publishing these materials. Also the scientific and professional quality of these meetings is often poor as the same points of view as well as more or less the same papers, with only slight modifi­ cations, are usually presented. The educational system is also responsible since professionals are required to publish papers in order to get promoted in their pro­ fession and in their institutions. Overproduction of meetings and papers is often mentioned by many pro­ fessionals, but when we look at the professional activi­ ties of the critics of these meetings and papers, we can see that they also behave in the stereotypic way - they write papers, read them at congresses and publish in periodicals. The number of periodical publications of some medical branches - including psychiatry - is enor­ mous. In the light of such thoughts it seems opportune to evaluate the 8th World Congress of Social Psychiatry and the papers presented - the papers you are now holding in your hands. Although such an evaluation is a delicate and difficult task, I think it should be at least attempted in this Editorial.


alcohol alcoholism diagnosis epidemiology epilepsy intervention psychiatric disorder psychiatry psychotherapy quality of life schizophrenia smoking suicide therapy women

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  1. 1.University Dept of Neurology, Psychiatry, Alcohology and Other Dependencies“Dr. M. Stojanović” University HospitalZagrebYugoslavia

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