In Search of Equity

Health Needs and the Health Care System

  • Ronald Bayer
  • Arthur L. Caplan
  • Norman Daniels

Part of the The Hastings Center Series in Ethics book series (HCSE)

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    Pages i-xxvi
  2. Norman Daniels
    Pages 1-41
  3. Nancy Neveloff Dubler
    Pages 69-94
  4. John Arras
    Pages 125-159
  5. Robert L. Dickman
    Pages 161-182
  6. Jerry Avorn
    Pages 183-197
  7. Mark Siegler
    Pages 199-227
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 229-240

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I Several years ago, when the Carter administration announced that it would support congressional action to end the public fund­ ing of abortions, the President was asked at a press conference whether he thought that such a policy was unfair; he responded, "Life is unfair." His remarks provoked a storm of controversy. For other than those who, for principled reasons, opposed abor­ tion on any grounds, it seemed that the President's comments were cruel, violating what was thought to be an American com­ mitment to providing equal access to health services to all citi­ zens, regardless of their capacity to pay. Those sentiments had, in fact, been reflected in public opinion polls that had, for at least three decades, indicated that Americans supported the propo­ sition that the government should guarantee health care to all. Ultimately, those beliefs had been translated into the oft-ex­ 1 pressed political demand for a one-class system of health care. This commitment to equality is rather remarkable. American society evidences a striking willingness to tolerate vast inequal­ ities with regard to income and wealth. While it guarantees ed­ ucation to all children, there is not even a pretense that the children of the wealthy and the children of the poor ought to get precisely the same kind of schooling. While some commitment 'Hazel Erskine. "The Polls: Health Insurance," Public Opinion Quarterly, XXXIX (Spring, 1975), 128-143.


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