Pediatric Liver Disease

  • M. M. Fisher
  • C. C. Roy

Part of the Hepatology book series (H, volume 5)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Developmental Aspects of Liver Structure and Function

    1. Robert L. Peters
      Pages 1-15
    2. E. Cutz
      Pages 39-42
    3. M. M Thaler
      Pages 95-95
  3. Cholestatic Liver Disease in Newborns and Infants

    1. Harvey L. Sharp, Deborah K. Freese, Russell F. Hanson
      Pages 105-118
    2. J. L. Weber
      Pages 130-130
    3. Daniel Alagille
      Pages 131-136
    4. John R. Lilly, Christine M. L. Pau
      Pages 147-156
    5. B. Shandling
      Pages 156-160
  4. New Developments in Viral Hepatitis

    1. D. H. Carver
      Pages 175-175
    2. Saul Krugman, Wolf Szmuness
      Pages 177-186
    3. M. M. Fisher
      Pages 207-215
  5. Metabolic Liver Disease

    1. Daniel Alagille
      Pages 217-221
    2. S. B. Melançon, R. Gagné, A. Grenier, A. Lescault, L. Dallaire, C. Laberge et al.
      Pages 223-235
    3. C. C. Roy
      Pages 255-259
    4. Diane Wilson Cox
      Pages 271-282
    5. H. Sharp
      Pages 283-285
    6. Claude C. Roy
      Pages 287-287
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 289-296

About this book


This was an important Symposium in a rapidly developing field of interest. It was designed to draw attention to areas which have been neglected in standard hepatology textbooks and to review areas of controversy. It was also meant to help bridge the communication gap between hepatologists'caring for children and adults as well as between some areas of clinical and basic research. The Symposium was a substantial success. Unfortunately two of the twenty participants did not deliver a manuscript. The result is a publication which is late and which is not as complete as it should be. For this lateness and incompleteness the editors apolo­ gize most sincerely--especially to those participants who delivered their manuscripts on time but even to those who delivered their manu­ scripts late. perhaps the most noteworthy feature of this publication is the fact that material presented in May 1980 is by no means out of date. Apart from the section on Viral Hepatitis, one of the most rapidly evolving fields of medicine, the context of the Symposium remains disturbingly current. The neglect continues, the controversies remain. We hope that this publication will help draw investigators into liver research, provide a useful point of reference for· those in the field and stand as a monument to editors past, present and future, who have chased, are chasing and will chase manuscripts in vain.


hepatitis hepatology liver liver disease viral hepatitis

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  • C. C. Roy
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  2. 2.Département de PédiatrieUniversité de Montréal Hôpital Sainte-JustineMontréalCanada

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