Metabolism in the Nervous System

  • Abel Lajtha

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  2. Lloyd A. Horrocks, Hubert W. Harder
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  3. Nicolas G. Bazan
    Pages 17-39
  4. Robert W. Ledeen
    Pages 41-90
  5. Ata A. Abdel-Latif
    Pages 91-131
  6. Giuseppe Porcellati, Giuseppe Arienti
    Pages 133-161
  7. Norman S. Radin
    Pages 163-177
  8. Yasuo Kishimoto
    Pages 179-199
  9. Richard A. Hawkins, Anke M. Mans
    Pages 259-294
  10. Dennis W. Jung, Gerald P. Brierley
    Pages 295-319
  11. William Sacks
    Pages 321-351
  12. Bo K. Siesjö, Carl-David Agardh
    Pages 353-379
  13. Richard P. Shank, Graham LeM Campbell
    Pages 381-404
  14. Elling Kvamme
    Pages 405-422
  15. E. C. Daly, M. H. Aprison
    Pages 467-499
  16. S. S. Oja, Pirjo Kontro
    Pages 501-533
  17. H. H. Tallan, G. E. Gaull, D. K. Rassin, J. A. Sturman
    Pages 535-558
  18. Ezio Giacobini
    Pages 583-605
  19. Howard S. Maker
    Pages 607-631
  20. Gary E. Gibson, John P. Blass
    Pages 633-651
  21. Bo K. Siesjö, Martin Ingvar
    Pages 653-688
  22. Back Matter
    Pages 689-698

About this book


This volume is concerned with metabolic reactions occurring in the nervous system. Some time ago, it was thought that since most of the intermediary metabolism that can be observed in the brain is not specific to this organ, there is little justification in studying neural metabolism as such. Later it was realized that for an understanding of neural functions, the understanding of metabolism in the brain and its alterations is essential. All aspects of the metabolism of a substrate in brain, or all metabolic reactions of the nervous system, could not be included in this volume; some will be dealt with in other volumes (such as the ones covering metabolic turn­ over, alterations of metabolism, or pathology). Review of the aspects covered here clearly shows that the study of metabolic reactions in the nervous system is a very active field, producing important results. As in so many areas of research, as we learn more, new aspects become known, new questions emerge, and we see that in solving some problems we open areas with many additional problems to solve. But the accomplishments to date are impressive and indicate further important advances in the future. Brain metabolism is more active, more plastic, and more comprehensive than previously estimated. It is an essential part of brain function, and with its alteration, brain function will be altered. This shows the importance of more knowledge in this area. It is hoped that this volume will be of assistance in such further studies.


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