Insect Neurohormones

  • Marie Raabe

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About this book


The discovery of insect neurohormones dates from the earliest experimental in­ vestigations in insect endocrines, and the matter cannot be discussed without evoking the names of its pioneers-Kopec, Wigglesworth, Fraenkel. Whereas the experiments demonstrated the existence of the first known neurohormones, the formulation of the concept of neurosecretion was of fundamental importance to further progress, and tribute must be paid to Ernst and Berta Scharrer. The recent proliferation of investigations into insect neurohormones has cre­ ated the need for an overall review of the data. Our knowledge of the subject is voluminous, and the evidence clearly demonstrates that neurohormones playa part in most insect regulatory processes. This book analyzes and synthesizes the data, starting from neurosecretion (i.e., source sites and release modes of neurohormones) and continuing through the various functions in which neurohormones have been shown to be involved: endocrine gland activity; diapause; reproduction; visceral muscle functioning; color change; behavior; water and ion balance; protein, sugar, and lipid metabo­ lism; and tanning and other processes occurring at the cuticle level. In each chapter, besides the experimental information, technical procedures as well as recent information concerning purification of the particular neurohor­ mones and their mode of action are reported. Numerous exhaustive tables allow the reader to get an overview of the matter while the major findings of the mo­ ment are presented in the conclusion of each chapter.


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